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Welcome to the Mephitsu Archives Doctor Who section. Here we take a good look at the Doctor Who Action Figures produced by Character Options. Character have held the Dr Who licence since 2005 and their first figures were released in 2006. Our coverage starts in 2009 as the line returns from a short hiatus after the Character team put it on hold in favour of a 3.75" action figure line.


I have been a collector of Character Options 5" Doctor Who figures since their launch in 2006 and  have lost count of how many I have. I believe I have only a couple of gaps in terms of owning all the figures that have been released to date. You can check out my credentials in my gallery HERE.


Sadly, the Archives as a website have come too late for all of the wonderful figures from the past 9 years to be reviewed and archived - and to retrospectively do this now is not really an option. However, our archive does catalogue the releases from 2015 from Character in the 5" scale, both as general releases and as exclusive packs at B&M Retail stores.

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