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Review : Doctor Who 5.5 inch 7th Doctor Silver Nemesis Set

Character Options have been working with B&M Stores since 2016 on Doctor Who 5.5 inch collectors figure sets, and 2019 is the biggest yet with 8 new sets landing in B&M stores in August 2019. Among the three traditional 3 figure sets is a new 7th Doctor Collectors set that revisits the 25th anniversary store Silver Nemesis from 1988 and gives us re-releases of the 7th Doctor and the Silver Nemesis Cybermen.

Packaging 4/5

The 2019 sets utilise the same packaging that was launched with the the 4th Doctor set earlier in the year. A sleek blue box with silver grey inserts into which is drawn a TARDIS outline in dark blue.

The figures are displayed in a window cut into the front of the box, although on this set this does cut off the heads of the taller Cybermen figures. The window has a gold foil circular sticker attached bottom left that states "Limited Edition". While the set is clearly from Silver Nemesis it is simply named "The Seventh Doctor Collector Set".

A checklist of contents sits top right in a circular insert and confirms the contents as the 7th Doctor, Cyberleader and Cyberman. Cut into the window bottom right is a pink insert that notes the 5.5 inch scale and the collectors series. The box is headed up with the latest 2018 Doctor Who logo, although it has been recoloured to a silver/grey.

The right side spine includes images of the figures, while the left has the same blue header as the front and the silver/grey panel with TARDIS artwork. The back of the box is quite stark with further images of the figures but no text covering the set and contents, or indeed checklist of other figures available. This is of course consistent with all previous releases apart from the TARDIS sets which go very heavy on Character text.

The figures slide out via the top or bottom flap and are sit into a plastic tray which sits into a cardboard sleeve. The cardboard backing uses a silver design, which sadly means the clockwork backing used on the previous figure sets has disappeared.

The figures are held in with clear elasticated straps and the guns are taped into position.

Paint & Sculpt 4/5

The 7th Doctor figure has been around since 2010 and this configuration without a hat and with the serious face sculpt was first used in the 11 Doctor's box set, albeit in his brown jacket. This particular figure was released most recently in 2014 in the Toys R Us Dalek 2-packs alongside a Renegade Dalek.

The likeness to Sylvester McCoy is a good one and the face paint is neat with a good skin tone and detailed eyes and eyebrows. The costume is accurate to the 1988 story, although he did wear his hat for most of the story. Painting on the costume is very detailed too with the question mark sweater and the pattern on the scarf.

Compared with the 2014 version, the jacket is now a lot lighter and the handkerchief finish is different. The handkerchief is not particularly well done - it has been painted a flat red and not too well with the red not covering the whole of the sculpted piece. The only other issue is a hangover from the older figures and it is in the legs. When the pattern in the trousers are lined up as they should the feet do turn inwards.

The Silver Nemesis Cybermen were among the best figures produced in the original line and were released as a two pack back in 2010. Nearly a decade later these have been faithfully recreated and are actually improvements on the originals with the eyes now painted a darker grey which is a closer match to the on screen Cybermen.

Both the Cyberleader and Cyberman are the same sculpt, the only difference being the paint applied to the Leaders handlebars. The handlebars on both Cybers are a little warped out of the box but this should be an easy fix with hot water or a hairdryer on low heat.

The chest units are separate cast pieces with white clear tubing wrapping the torso. The rest of the suit is cast in silver with black wash over the top.

Accessories 3/5

The B&M sets to date have not included accessories as a rule, so there is a big plus that the Cybermen have had their weapons included. These are cast in a softer plastic in a silver colour with black panels painted on. They are a bit rubbery on the slimmer ends and do not fit all too well in the Cybermen hands - the 2010 sets had the same issue.

It is a shame that the set couldn't budget for the 7th Doctor's iconic umbrella.

Articulation 3/5

The 5.5 inch line has held the same level of articulation since its inception with only one or two tweaks on some of the newer figures. The Seventh Doctor has 16 points of articulation, but these are quite basic plug and socket joints with the joints clearly visible around the knees and elbows.

Head : neck post swivel

Body : waist post swivel

Arms : shoulder post swivel, bicep swivel, jointed elbow, peg wrist

Legs : T-Joint hips, thigh swivel, jointed knee

The swivels on the arms and legs do try to enhance the movement options, but once turned they do look very much out of line - particularly the arms. And the arms are also subject to popping out when the bicep swivel is turned.

The Cybermen figures carry the same articulation setup with 16 points of movement.

Head : neck post swivel

Body : waist post swivel

Arms : shoulder post swivel, bicep swivel, jointed elbow, peg wrist

Legs : T-Joint hips, thigh swivel, jointed knee

The neck joints are a little stuck on unpacking and may need some coaxing to get them moving. Once freed they do not move too far to the side, but it can help with some variant posing. The arms can hold the guns as we saw above, but the grip is tentative.

Both figures stand well on their own.


This is a gorgeous set that gives fans a re-release of the 7th Doctor and two very sought after Cybermen figures. The packaging is great too and a nice new style for the Doctor Who figures that gives them a more collectors feel.

Articulation isn't the best in the wider sphere of Action Figures, but consider this is a sub £20 set with three figures and in that context what we do get is very good - especially when you also factor in the inclusion of accessories for the Cybermen.

I score the 2019 B&M Exclusive Seventh Doctor (Silver Nemesis) Collectors Set a 4 out of 5.

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