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Doctor Who 5.5-inch action figures from Character Toys Database : interactive checklist of releases with links to reviews and visual guides

Character Options picked up the Master Toy Licence for Doctor Who when the show returned to screens in 2005. Their first products hit in 2006 with a line of Remote Control Sets containing 5 inch scale figures and Daleks. Soon after, single carded figures would follow all taken exclusively from the first two series of Doctor Who. 


After 2 years of releases for New Who, the Character Team moved to the Classic Era with a first wave of Classic figures hitting in 2208 complete with a build-a-figure inclusion. The line, including both New and Classic releases, would continue through to 2010 with a mix of general releases and exclusive sets sold ia Forbidden Planet and via Underground Toys in the US who often commission their own sets and figures. The line often used multi packs including deluxe larger figures and various version of the Doctor's TARDIS.

As the line slowed down in 2012, Character sought to reinvent it by retiring the 5 inch line and launching a 3.75 inch scale featuring the 11th Doctor this line would prove to be a flop and ran for just 4 waves along with a handful of playsets and boxed releases.

In 2014 the UK retailer B&M would commission some Doctor Who figures to be re-released in their stores in a 3 figure box set format. For the first 2 years these were repacks of existing figures. At the same time a number of new figures were released in partnership with Underground Toys, Forbidden Planet and Toys R Us. Some of these were repacked in a window box format, while others were repacked on a slimline blister card. In 2016 B&M starter commissioning variant (nw) figures in their sets and over the years this has now grown to include new Doctor and TARDIS sets as well as some Dalek Sets, including some based on Big Finish audio. 

As we welcome the 13th Doctor, Character have released a number of general figures from the 13th Doctor era as well as continuing to support the B&M packs.

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