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Doctor Who 'The Regeneration' Box Set, Character Toys Exclusive

The Character Toys Exclusive 'The Regeneration' Box Set was announced in November 2022, shortly after the conclusion to Jodie Whitaker's 13th Doctor era came to a close. The set would feature a new version of the 13th Doctor in her 'multiple Doctors' outfit. She would be joined by the first figure of David Tennant's new 14th Doctor in his blue coat and brown suit.

The set is only sold via Character Toys and it was released and shipped to collectors in late January 2023. At the time of writing, there are stocks left, priced at £29.99 including free UK delivery.

The set arrives in an outer brown cardboard box which will help protect the set in transit. The packaging takes a new direction in line with the design from the BBC for Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary in 2023. The figures come in a white closed box with a very simplified and striking design using some diamond line art and the new deep blue Doctor Who logo. The figure set name sits in a cut-out orange panel - and the front flap can then be opened to reveal the figures within.

The front flap is not secured by Velcro as we see with the NECA and Star Wars figures that use a similar packaging format. That does mean the front flap will not stay closed on its own, although it is fair to say if you are keeping and displaying this box you will likely want this front cover open.

On the inner side of the cover is a short write-up for the two Doctor's included which doesn't go into massive detail and feels just right in terms of positioning the characters vs some of the lengthier write-ups we have seen on other sets. The figures are presented against an orange Regeneration Energy backdrop that provides a stark contrast to the minimalist white of the packaging.

While other companies are moving to a plastic-free packaging format, the set still uses a plastic window and a plastic inner tray into which the figures are secured with white cotton ties. This decision does detract from the presentation of the figures and seems unnecessary for a set that is not sold in retail and therefore not at risk of theft.

The 13th Doctor uses the existing head sculpt, which is a good likeness to Jodie Whitaker albeit within the basic presentation of the Who range which remains consistent with the figures first released in 2006. The body is all new and features some exquisite detail such as the striping on Tom Baker's scarf, the question marks on the Slyvester McCoy jumper, and the Peter Davison stick of Celery. The painting quality overall is great, with just a couple of rough areas around the white cuff of the coat sleeves, and the collar of the shirt

The 14th Doctor is a brand new figure and sports a new head sculpt, which didn't look overly flattering in some of the promo shots for the set. I am pleased to say it is better in hand, although the forehead is a little elongated and the arms also look a bit too long, although that is due to the legs being longer and the torso shorter than the previous 10th Doctor figures and this throws the proportions slightly.

The Doctor is wearing a new blue long coat which has a lovely texture to it and painted buttons. Under this is a partly buttoned suit jacket with a ruffled shirt underneath and a new grey tie. The suit features a checkered design which is well painted - as are the Converse two-tone shoes.

The articulation on the 13th Doctor includes the ball joint neck carried forward from the earlier 13 Doctor figures, giving her some more range in head positions. After that, both figures have the standard set of joints with visible pins at the elbows and knees although the latter is hidden by the coats on both figures. David's 14th Doctor does get the updated shoulder articulation (as promised, but not delivered on the recent 10th Doctor B&M Set). This allows the arms to be moved out from the body as well as rotating around the shoulder pin.

The 13th Doctor has a couple of problems sadly. On our figure, we had loose bicep joints, and her right leg is longer than the left, making it difficult for her to stand without looking a little lopsided.

At £29.99 the Regeneration Set offers pretty decent value for money at a time when we are seeing prices of £50 for slightly larger 6-inch figure 2-packs. It is worth stating that there are big variances between the Character figures and lines like Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends with the Doctor Who figure offering a much more basic set of articulation and simplified paint applications as opposed to photo-real printing. However, as a long-term collector of figures since 2006 I am very pleased that the 2023 figures still have the same look as the original 2006 figures and don't look out of place on display. I would have liked for the Doctors to come with Sonic Screwdrivers, but I appreciate that a Sonic for the 14th Doctor might have been considered a spoiler at this stage.

The set is likely to be a sought-after piece once the run is exhausted at Character, and the popularity of the David Tennant 14th Doctor will drive the desirability of the set - as seen in how quickly the B&M 10th Doctor Set disappeared off shelves once the Regeneration had aired.

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