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Review: Marvel Legends Star-Lord, Thor: Love & Thunder


At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor left Earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy - or was it the Asgardians of the Galaxy - and it is this journey with Star-Lord and the crew that will carry forward into 2022's Thor: Love & Thunder.

This review is written ahead of the movie release and is done so only with the information to hand via the packaging of each figure and the teaser trailer from late April 2022. I will update these reviews once the film has been released. This review may contain minor spoilers but only in the context of any information provided on the package or visually on the figure.

The Love & Thunder Star-Lord uses the standard Legends box with no specific accent colour and rather a strong use of the blue through red scheme we see in the movie logo from the box front. The two side panels carry a mirror image of Star-Lord's latest look, and this is repeated again on the reverse. Beneath this is the checklist for the Korg BAF and to the side of the image is the standard background text that does not provide too much info as you would expect from a figure released 3-months ahead of the movie itself.

"Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy return, teaming up with friends new and old to defend the galaxy from a dangerous new enemy."

Star-Lord's overall look for Thor: Love & Thunder - as we have seen so far in the teaser - is relatively consistent with his outfit from the previous Guardians movies, and from Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Peter is wearing his long coat, cast in a deep red and painted with a blue feature down one side - a colour that looks more muted on screen. Under this is a rubberised vest piece which seems to be what he is wearing during the latter part of the teaser as he addresses the Guardians, this is also cast in red and painted with a darker red panel and gold zip and clasps.

The arms feature armoured panels, coloured in gold, at the shoulders, and around the wrist area. While the legs are a plain brown with two-tone brown painted boots with a silver clasp. The costume is finished with a further rubberised piece that acts as a strap going from his right shoulder down to his left hip. It is painted with silver clasp details but doesn't seem to have any real purpose?

The paintwork, as applied over the base colours, is neat across the figure. The only area I can't work out is the shoulder panels as I don't know if the red showing through is a weathering attempt, or if the paint was too thin to cover properly?

The likeness for this new Star-Lord has come in for some criticism both on the release of the promo images and then in hand, although in hand it is certainly better than the original promo's made it look.

Chris Pratt hasn't had a great Star-Lord sculpt to date across his various MCU figures - and Mattel also found it difficult for their Jurassic World Amber Collection line. Like other collectors & reviewers, I can't quite put my finger on why this one doesn't quite work. From certain angles, it is absolutely nailed on Chris Pratt - particularly from the side - but from other angles, less so. I would say the sideburns to beard are perhaps too heavy, in the trailer you can see the sideburns are thicker and then the hair is thinner for the beard - whereas the head sculpt has both the same with no transition between the two. The hair too is too neat and the forehead area quite large.

The face uses the photo-real decor to add the now standard level of realism to the eyes and this is applied well and without any concerns.