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Review: Marvel Legends Groot, Thor: Love & Thunder, Korg BAF wave


At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor left Earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy - or was it the Asgardians of the Galaxy - and it is this journey with Star-Lord and the crew that will carry forward into 2022's Thor: Love & Thunder.

This review is written ahead of the movie release and is done so only with the information to hand via the packaging of each figure and the teaser trailer from late April 2022. I will update these reviews once the film has been released. This review may contain minor spoilers but only in the context of any information provided on the package or visually on the figure.

The Love & Thunder figures use the standard Legends box with no specific accent colour and rather a strong use of the blue through red scheme we see in the movie logo from the box front. The two side panels carry a mirror image of Groot and this is repeated again on the reverse. Beneath this is the checklist for the Korg BAF and to the side the background text that simply reads...


No spoilers there then...

Teenage Groot stands just under 6-inch tall, putting him shorter than Star-Lord and Thor and this is accurate in terms of their onscreen heights when we last saw them in Endgame. I am not sure by way of the trailer if Groot has grown since as he appears taller in some of the scenes. Groot is cast in brown plastic throughout with the natural wood texturing built into each of the sculpted body parts.

Sadly the paintwork does not bring out the beauty of the sculpt too well and all we get is some random application of green paint in places and only on the front of the figure. The depth of sculpting and the texture of the wood is screaming out for a simple dark brown wash to make Groot pop and take the figure to the next level? This doesn't feel like a big ask considering the cost of Groot and his very simplistic paint job is identical to that of the two Thor figures who include much more painted detail and use of the photo-real deco.

I do love the head sculpt on Groot which captures his sulky, yet determined, teenage look so well including the dark black painted and yet very emotive eyes. The top of the head includes the green tinge we see on parts of the body, and this makes more sense as the top of the head features shoots that are sprouting up from the recessed section. Oddly, I also have a large blob of glue on my figure in this same location - a factory error leftover from when these shoots are glued into place.

Teenage Grott is of course not a new figure and it uses the body from the figure released in 2018 for Avengers: Infinity War as originally packed in a set alongside Thor and Rocket. The head has been changed on this 2022 release and for the better compared to the older figure. The colouring of Groot overall has gone lighter and the green less obvious when applied.

It will be interesting to see come July if indeed Groot has grown taller and if that is the case we do have another case of early release inaccuracy from Marvel - although in this case, Groot will still get away with being an improvement on the prior release for your Infinity War or Endgame display.

This new version of Teenage Groot gets a better deal in terms of accessories, and while it doesn't feature the tablet Groot plays games on from the first release, he does not get a weapon. This is a larger rifle weapon similar to that touted by Rocket usua