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Marvel Legends Ragnarok (Deluxe) Exclusive action figure review


The Tony Stark cybernetic Thor duplicate, Ragnarok, was released as a Deluxe Marvel Legends release in Spring 2022. The set is a US Target exclusive, while outside of America it is available as a Fan Channel exclusive via Marvel Legends stockists - including Zavvi who have provided us this review copy free of charge.

Ragnarok is packed into the wider Deluxe format box, retaining the scooped sides which are then illustrated in the style of Ragnarok's Civil War comic book debut. The larger image on the rear of the box shows the full extent of the artwork with Mjolnir held aloft, and to the side of this is some background info on how Ragnarok came to be in the Marvel universe.

"Using a lock of the missing Thor's hair, Tony Stark created a cybernetic doppelganger of the Thunder God, called Ragnarok. This would prove disastrous when the cyborg betrayed the Mighty Avengers."

The figure is accessed via either of the side panels of the box and is packed into the inner tray and then sits into a cardboard backing tray carrying the symbol of Mjolnir surrounded by lightning on a bright blue backdrop.

Ragnarok himself is an imposing figure and stands over 7.5 inches tall taking into account the winged helmet. He is a good head higher than other 'standard' Legends figures and considerably broader at the shoulders. Ragnarok is a direct re-use of the 2019 Thor released as part of the Marvel 80th Anniversary. This is of course very apt considering the origins for Ragnarok as a clone of Thor.

The body is cast in the base colours of the Thor costume with silver-painted roundels on the black of the torso armour. The legs are a bright blue with black knee armour and wrapped light brown boots. The belt includes a sculpted winged 'T' and this buckle is painted gold against the light brown belt itself. The costume is finished with a deep red cape that flows from the shoulders to the rear of the figure. It is a semi-rigid plastic piece that is sculpted to flow out to the side. While it looks great in the cast red plastic, there is also some darker paint apps washed into the recesses of the cloak to create a deeper definition.

Ragnarok arrives with his cyborg components exposed as though damaged in battle. This includes a skeletal robotic left hand, and in true Terminator fashion, a section of his face missing to reveal the metal skull and glowing red eyes beneath. The facial sculpt is inspired by the comic book appearance of Ragnarok and comic book styling rather than the face print technique used on the MCU figures.

The helmet is a painted silver section with the wings cast in a rubbery off-white finish and attached at the sides. The hair is sculpted in golden locks that come down both the front and back of the figure's shoulders.

If you would rather display a complete Ragnarok without the damage then the set includes an undamaged head and an undamaged left hand for the figure. The alternative head appears to be a repack of the original 2019 version but does look to have had the helmet positioned slightly lower on the head - and the eyes on the Ragnarok version are still painted out in red.

The original promo release for the set showed the inclusion of a partly damaged skeletal right hand, with the flesh hand being included in the set as a further alternative. The final release has dropped the robotic right hand altogether.

Ragnarok is packed along with the same Mjolnir as was included with the 2019 Thor version. This features a deep grey hammerhead with the 'whosoever holds this hammer' engraved as part of the sculpt and picked out in a darker grey finish - very impressive at this scale.

The handle is wrapped as though in brown leather, with a grey pommel and a further brown flexible plastic strap. It slots into Ragranok's right although the fingers will need a bit of teasing to open up the grip far enough.

Ragnarok is the first figure to come with a spinning hammer accessory, an effect done previously in the Marvel Select line by Diamond. It is made up of 8 different Mjolnir hammers, each impressively still cast with the inscription and painted in the same way as the original. These all join at a central point to represent the strap. From here a 90-degree section sticks out to allow Ragnarok to hold this, and this final piece even spins itself within the larger outer section.

Filling in the gaps between each hammer is a translucent blue swirling design that provides the illusion of movement. The overall effect is very good and I can certainly see Ragnarok donating this hammer effect piece to other Thor's in a Marvel Legends collection. You do have to get the balance right when posing as the accessory carries a lot of weight and can pull Ragnarok forward

Ragnarok has 20 points of articulation with double-jointed knees and elbows, and swivel cuts at the bicep, thigh and bootcut. As he is based on an older figure, Ragnarok is not pinless so there are visible pinholes on the arms in particular - and also on the knees, with these thankfully being hidden from sight by the knee armour.

Movement on Ragnarok is extensive, although the hair will stop the head from doing much and the cloak does hamper anything other than a neutral stance in the legs. That being said the arms are fully mobile for posing with or without the hammer accessories, and the legs will adjust sufficiently for Ragnarok to keep his balance with either accessory or when stood on his own.

While Ragnarok is a repacked figure, he does offer sufficient 'extras' to warrant both the re-release and the now larger Deluxe status. There are two distinct looks included for Ragnarok, either as the new clone of Thor or with the damaged and exposed robotic parts. I wonder if those who may have missed out on the 80th Anniversary release would have hoped for a more standard Thor head to allow the figure to have a dual purpose?

The hammer accessories are very good, and I am impressed not only by the inscription and finish to the hammer but also by the spinning effect that works really well. Both sculpt and paintwork are crisp, and the articulation is extensive enough and robust enough to pose with such a large accessory piece. Ragnarok will set you back circa £35, so you are paying a tenner or so for the hammer piece and an extra head vs the original Thor 80th Anniversary release.

Thanks again to Zavvi for supporting us with this review, and if Ragnarok is now on your shopping list, don't hesitate in giving them a visit.

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