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Review: Marvel Legends Mighty Thor from the Thor: Love & Thunder wave


We last saw Jane Foster in the MCU during the events of Thor: The Dark World, with the time-travel scenes in Avengers: Endgame calling back to the events from Dark World on Asgard. In 2022's Thor: Love & Thunder, Jane will somehow pick up the mantle of Mighty Thor and will wield Mjolnir and acts as an ally (we assume) to Thor himself.

This review is written ahead of the movie release and is done so only with the information to hand via the packaging of each figure and the teaser trailer from late April 2022. I will update these reviews once the film has been released. This review may contain minor spoilers but only in the context of any information provided on the package or visually on the figure.

The Love & Thunder Mighty Thor uses the standard Legends box with no specific accent colour and rather a strong use of the blue through red scheme we see in the movie logo from the box front. The two side panels carry an image of the transformed Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor, and this is repeated again on the reverse. Beneath this is the checklist for the Korg BAF and to the side of the image is the standard background text that confirms as much as we'd worked out ourselves without any specific plot points or spoilers.

"Jane Foster's life is forever changed when she mysteriously comes to possess the hammer Mjolnir... and the power of the Mighty Thor"

The figure is all-new, and the design principles of the costume are certainly heavily drawn from the Jason Aaron Thor saga. The majority of the body is a black base plastic over which is painted the silver panels of the Asgardian armour. The boots are painted a deep burgundy with further silver armour and the same colouring is used on the bracers on either arm. A rubber skirt section is used on her waist and features more silver panels. And the iconic red cape is cast in red and attached at the shoulders to flow, as a semi-rigid piece, to the floor behind Jane.

When you look closer, there are further painted details in the body such as a red v-section on the chest that lines up with the cape, and further detailing on Thor's midriff and skirt piece. Painting overall is to a good standard but there are coverage issues on the skirt where the silver is dull and doesn't cover the burgundy as far as it should. The two roundels that hold the cape to the chest piece are also poorly painted with a red hue still visible through the silver and very rough edging - thankfully they do get covered by the hair.

Mighty Thor is well proportioned and stands 6-inches high which does make her larger than the Black Series Padme that people are using for likeness comparisons, but in the Legends line - which is traditionally larger - she scales really well with the other Love & Thunder figures and the wider collection. We do not have many reference images for the movie and for Mighty Thor as yet, but from what we do have the costume and overall look are pretty accurate.

Mighty Thor arrives with an unmasked Jane Foster head fitted. The likeness to Natalie Portman is good, if not as strong as some other recent female releases. She looks great from side angles, but face on there is certainly something a little too rounded in the face and she perhaps is missing the prominent cheek structure we are familiar with, particularly because of Star Wars. As usual, the photo-real face print technology enhances the sculpt with a realistic finish to the eyes and mouth in particular.

The hair, and particularly its colour, was a cause of some debate when the figure was released as it is very blonde. It does transition from a very yellow blonded at the tips to a darker finish at the roots and again, from what we have seen of Jane Foster Thor the colouring is going to be movie accurate.