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Review : Marvel Legends Captain Marvel

For the Captain Marvel 2019 movie, Hasbro released a wave of Captain Marvel Legends figures including two versions of the Captain, Yonn-Rog, Talos the Skrull and Nick Fury. This version of Captain Marvel was re-released in late 2019 in a new slimline packaged version of Marvel Legends being sold in the UK market. The figure was identical to the original release, but was missing an alternative pair of hands that were included in the first release.

Packaging 3/5

The slimline Legends are packed on a blister card with the movie title taking up the header along with an illustration of the figures character. Captain Marvel is presented in the blister against a fiery yellow backdrop - the same design is used on the main Legends for Captain Marvel movie releases.

The rear of the card resembles the back of a Legends box with the character image alongside a short piece of background text.

"Carol Danvers becomes of the universe's most powerful heroes, Captain Marvel, when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war"

The blister design has to be ripped open, there is no option to open carefully and reseal afterwards.

Paint & Sculpt 4/5

There have been four version of Captain Marvel in the Legends series for her debut movie, each using the same base body. The sculpted lines of the suit and proportions of Captain Marvel are very good, and the paint in the main is neat - although there is a pretty big paint error on the thigh of my figure where the gold is nowhere near the line it should be colouring.

The masked head, with its flowing hair and white glowing eyes, is impressive and is sculpted to capture a small smirk from Carol - with face print technology used to shade this naturally. The alternative unmasked head is also a good likeness but it does lack a little bit of character as its quite neutral in its expression. The second head on my figure is also not a great fit, which is more likely a factory error and not by design.

Accessories N/A

In the slimline version that we are reviewing here, there are no further accessories beyond the two head options. The original included a second pair of hands which would have been useful here - but I appreciate the need to slim these figures down to meet the new £15 price point.

Articulation 4/5

Captain Marvel has 16 points of articulation, consistent with other female releases.

Head : ball jointed pivot neck

Body : ball joint torso

Arms : ball joint shoulder, single joint rotating elbow, pivot wrists

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, ankle rockers

Posing Carol is quite a lot of fun as she is very mobile in most areas. There are some great fist up fighting poses to be achieved as well being able to kneel.

It would be nice if we can get to a double jointed elbow on female figures as that is the only area on Captain Marvel that is a little subpar. It is worth also noting that while the shoulder pads do bend with the arm to a point, they are also a little restrictive.

All the joints on our figure are solid and tight and Carol stands perfectly well unaided. She works really well in flight poses, but you will need an aftermarket flight stand.


At £15, this is a great figure for openers giving you a very well articulated Captain Marvel complete with two head options - my preference being the masked version. The accessories are missing, and those secondary hands are a miss, but the figure looks and poses really nicely in your MCU display.

I score the Captain Marvel release a 4 out of 5 stars. This would be relevant for both releases when you factor the original version with hands is at a higher price point than the slimline version I have in hand today.

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Figure Hacks

The great thing about the Captain Marvel figures to date from Hasbro is the ability to mix and match all the heads and hands from each to create any particularly look you want. I do like the look of the neutral head with the jacket and the swept back hair on the standard suit.

You can even use the FX pieces from the Binary Captain Marvel on any of the figures too.

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