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Review : The Hound, Game of Thrones (Funko Legacy)

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Review : The Hound Game of Thrones (Funko Legacy) Wave/Series : Collection 1, #03 Released : April 2014

Price : £14.99 - £19.99

The Hound is the 3rd figure of the 6 figure first series of Game of Thrones figures from Funko. Released under their Legacy range of 6" figures, Hound arrives in a grey coloured box with the usual window opening to show off the figure, and with the character name and sigil across the bottom.

Around the right hand side is a wrap round of the display window, whilst the left is a book sleeve design with the Games of Thrones logo at the top, character sigil in the centre and character name underneath.

Once slid out of his box, and The Hound arrives with a couple of particularly brutish looking swords as well as his custom helmet. I'll talk more about that helmet later. The Hound stands an impressive 6 1/2 inches high, which on a 1/12 conversion equates to bang on 6ft 6, the height of actor Rory McCann.

Starting with the sculpt, and the head is probably the weakest element on the figure. It does pass as a resemblance to McCann, but they haven't gone "gruesome" enough on his burns - which are simply represented by a red hue to the skin on one side. The eyes are also a tad cross eyed when painted, and the beard looks more like mud/dirt in places - particularly down the neck. That being said, once past the head and The Hound is a magnificent armoured figure, with plenty of detail.

The armour is made up predominantly of a chain tunic onto which is an armoured neck-collar and then strapped in with both a waist belt, but also a back strap which also holds the rear sword sheath. Each arm continues the chain mail and onto this are plates of armour starting with large shoulder panels and then working down in segments to the elbows. There is an odd "flap" on each elbow, similar to what we saw on Brienne of Tarth. I suspect it is meant to move with the elbow, but just ends up looking odd flapped out to the side of the arm. The arms finish with some impressive metal gauntlets. The legs are nice and thick and heavy set and tuck into some knee high shin guards and down to some plain black boots.

The helmet is the crowning glory of this armoured brute. It has been designed in a soft rubber material to allow it to fit over the head without much fuss, and it achieves this easily, whilst also fitting neatly into the collar of the armour - no floating helmet head here that we so often see when a practical helmet is used instead of a head swap.

The Hound comes with two large swords, both of which fit neatly into either hand, or can slot into either the rear back sheath or the side sheath that hangs off his belt. Both are neatly painted with at least three paint applications on each rather than a flat metal hilt. The armour is also nicely painted throughout. Yes it is all pretty much grey metal, but there is considerable applications of dry-brushing to bring out the studs on the tunic and the buttons and studs on the armoured panels.

All in all, The Hound is a nice looking brute. The issue however, as it has been with many Funko Legacy figures, is articulation. First off, most of the joints on the figure are stiff out of the box and although I didn't break any on this figure, I have had two Funko figures break far too easily when you try to pose them. I am now over cautious and heat all my Funko figures now to release the joints, anyone who isn't aware may well jump straight in and snap the joints.

The head articulation is fine, and rotates with the helmet on as well as without. The shoulders move outwards and rotate and aren't restricted by the shoulder armour, which is flexible enough to move with them. The elbows on the other hand are really hard to use, in fact I have yet to find the joint let alone move it. This could be an issue with my figure being wrongly assembled, but to have the same issue on both arms feels more like a design flaw to me. That leaves the elbow being able to rotate only, the same movement that is afforded at the wrists. Unless you can work out the elbow movement, you will never get The Hound in a double handed sword pose.

The legs are much better, and are quite smooth at the hips and The Hound can get into a sitting position if needed. If anything though the hips are too smooth and loose and on a smooth surface I am already seeing the figure start to slide out in a splits position - and I hate that wide unnatural stance. The knees are double jointed - although feel stiff at first and could be a weak spot if not eased into use - and that allows The Hound to kneel if needed. The skirt of the tunic is flexible enough to support this movement into kneeling or crouching positions, albeit looking a little odd in how it has bent.

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, or just like armoured knights, then The Hound will be a great addition to your collection. Once you are past the lack of any real pose-ability, and as long as you are careful when easing the joints into use, then The Hound is a cracking figure with real character. It is a shame that Funko chose not to go further with the burns decor to more accurately represent the character, and in a perfect world the paint apps on the face could be better - but aren't as noticeable once the helmet is in play.

I award The Hound a 4 out of 5 score, and I would urge anyone who is still deliberating on this range to jump in now while the prices are so low.

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