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Review : Marvel Select The Lizard - Amazing Spider-Man (Diamond Select)

The Lizard (The Amazing Spiderman)

The Lizard, the big bad from Amazing Spiderman, is a bit of an anomaly within Marvel Select's Movie figures. Since his release in 2012 he has actually fallen in price. Unlike most MS Movie releases, the Lizard is still pretty readily available, and with eBay sales as low as just a tenner recently.

Having initially kept away from this figure I have been getting "collectors boredom" recently while I wait for new releases, and have been backdating my MS Movie collection.

Lizard arrived in a bit of a beat up box, but still with very impressive graphics particularly the side panel. Once opened I am now struggling to see why people would not want Lizard in their collection. Granted he is a bit of a different look to the usual Comic Dr Connors, but this is a big figure, comparable with movie Hulk, and and adds real menace and bulk to a MS Movie shelf.

Sculpt first, and this is as good as I have seen on an MS figure for the facial features. It captures the look from the movie really well. Down into the body and the detail is pretty good, with sculpted scales and muscles through to clawed hands and feet.

The paint job is also impressive. It is predominantly green with a beige wash which then brings out the detail on the sculpt. There are also subtle washes of darker green in the recesses on the muscle definition. Eyes and mouth are also well painted, and the only real let down is the nails which are a bit bland and look a shade too orange for my liking

Articulation is the standard fare for a MS figure. You have ball jointed shoulders and then standard joints in the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. Lizard also comes with a ball jointed tail and there is a torso articulation which allows him to hunch over a little if needed. The head is on a ball joint which allows a full range of movement.

The tail is key to this figure as it is the only way you can get Lizard to stand on his own. I can see the mechanics behind this as without the tail the feet would have to have been sculpted flat to the floor and would have made him look a bit too big footed (think Chitauri)

At 8.5" high, and as mentioned, Lizard will give Hulk a run for his money. He also looks suitably big and menacing next to any of the human heroes.

Despite his seemingly low stock score in the Marvel Select marker, I actually really like Lizard and can't understand why he is languishing in almost bargain basements while Red Skull and Loki are commanding silly money. I think Lizard is one of the best MS figures I have obtained to date in terms of overall sculpt, paint and articulation. If you don't like the Movie Lizard design from the film then I can see why this isn't the figure for you, but for me he has certainly exceeded my expectations and I look forward to sticking him into the display. A very high 4 out of 5 for me.

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