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Review: Marvel Legends Thor (Armoured) from Thor: Love & Thunder


At the time of writing, we have only seen a short teaser trailer for Thor: Love & Thunder and in this, we see Thor in a variety of different looks and costumes. The more casual Ravager Thor was one of two Thor's released in the debut Love & Thunder Marvel Legends wave, while this figure was the other - the gold & blue armoured Thor.

This review is written ahead of the movie release and is done so only with the information to hand via the packaging of each figure and the teaser trailer from late April 2022. I will update these reviews once the film has been released. This review may contain minor spoilers but only in the context of any information provided on the package or visually on the figure.

The Love & Thunder Thor the standard Legends box with no specific accent colour and rather a strong use of the blue through red scheme we see in the movie logo from the box front. The two side panels carry a mirror image of a helmeted Thor and this is repeated again on the reverse. Beneath this is the checklist for the Korg BAF and to the side of the image is the standard background text that gives us very little in terms of the movie's plot.

"Thor unleashes the power of Stormbreaker to overcome any foe"

This armoured version of Thor from Love & Thunder appears to be an enhanced version of the armour he has worn throughout the MCU but with a gold and blue colour scheme that perhaps draws inspiration from the Battle Armour we saw debut in the comic series in the 1980's complete with a half-face gold 'birds beak' helmet. He stands close to 7-inch tall which is half a head taller than Ravager Thor in the same wave.

The majority of the figure is new as far as I can tell with the armour configuration different from the Dark World or Age of Ultron Thor figures, and of course, the body shape is much different to Endgame Thor. The arms I think are from the Dark World Thor, the pins at the elbow joints are a giveaway when the rest of the figure is pinless.

The paintwork is exquisite and they have certainly gone to town on Thor with the decoration. Over the base black body we have a blue fish scale armour and panelled lines, then silver and finally gold sections and arms. The lining between each panel and colour is crisp and clean and I cant see any immediate errors or issues.

There is a question of accuracy with this armour at this time as all the images and trailer footage show Thor without the helmet and without any fish scale armour on his arms? This look is further substantiated by the S.H. Figuarts version which also doesn't include the helmet or armoured arms. Of course, the armour is part of the 'Power of Thor' and we've seen in previous guises he can armour up and down at will so this may just be the full armoured ready for battle Thor. Only time will tell if the figure is accurate or another concept design slip?

The costume is finished by Thor's iconic red cape that is a direct contrast to all of the blue, gold and black armoured pieces. It connects at the shoulders and flows as a solid but partially flexible plastic piece down to the floor. As seen on other recent caped figures, the sculptors have included some natural flow into the material so it does kick out to one side as though curled by a breath of wind.

The head is sculpted under the golden helmet, but the helmet is fixed into place and is not removable. Like the armour the helmet is bright gold with blue highlights. The mouth and beard are open and are executed as well as any unmasked Thor. The same can be said of the eyes, but the position of the helmet eye-slots in relation to the eyes does give a cross-eyed look that is unfortunate. The helmet is also quite wide and sits quite low and when you fa