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Review : Marvel Legends Hawkeye, Quantum Suit, Avengers Endgame

Alongside the single figure Marvel Legends releases for Avengers Endgame, Hasbro also released a two pack of Hawkeye and Black Widow in their Quantum Suits from the movie. The set was exclusive to Target in the US and had limited availability elsewhere worldwide.

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Packaging 3/5

The set follows the usual packaging design for a two pack. We have the same sculpted sides as a single release, the right with an image of Black Widow and the left with Hawkeye. The black frame around the window carries the Legends logo at the top with the character names positioned at the bottom either side of the Avengers logo in a blue band. Like the other releases the box doesn't actually use the Endgame logo, just a dark blue / red trimmed Avengers logo.

The back of the box has another image of Hawkeye and Widow alongside a very short piece of text that gives nothing away.

"From the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the growing team of Avengers, Black Widow and Hawkeye put their expert training to use as they suit up to defend their world and universe from intergalactic threats."

The backing card is a pale blue, like the other Endgame figures, and carries a large Avengers "A" in the centre. The figures are sat into a clear inner tray with the accessories to either side and a selection of spare heads down the middle - more on these later.

Paint & Sculpt 3/5

The head is a brand new Jeremy Renner sculpt, and much improved on the previous Hawkeye head with the face print technology. The eyes are impressive, as is the shading around the face. The facial hair - which doesn't photograph too well - is natural looking, as is the hair with the shaved sides and shaped top.

This is the head we should have got with the Ronin figure in the single Endgame figures. You will be pleased to know that this head will fit that figure - see our "hacks" section at the bottom of our review to see more.

The body is the same male Quantum buck that was used on the Captain America figure. The obvious issue is the screen accuracy to what we see in the movie. Hasbro was obviously too far down the line with the body - likely based off concept art - to go backwards. One downfall of having product out before the movie.

Putting the inaccuracy to one side, the suit is sculpted well with panelled sections as well as textured fill in panels and red trim. The paint is not the best, the red lines in particular a bit messy in places. There are some cool touches too, particularly the Quantum wrist device on the back of the left hand.

The set is also designed to attempt to make you purchase multiples so you can build up your Quantum Suited Avengers. It comes with three heads - two of which are designed for the male body.

First is Iron-Man who comes with a head from what we assume is the Mk85 Armour. This is painted OK, but the eyes are a bit small and the gold quite dull. The other head is for Ant-Man, a re-use of the 2018 Ant-Man helmet. Again the paint on this is quite flat with a grey rather than a metallic finish and very flat red eyes.

Both of these heads would have been better served, and more accurate, with face printed unmasked heads of Scott Lang and Tony Stark. Sculpts exist for both, and as you will see in our "hack" section at the end of this review they do fit the Quantum Suit body.

We will at this point look over the fact that all these characters from Steve Rogers to Hawkeye, Scott Lang to Tony Stark, have varying body types. While the re-use of the base body is good business, it isn't overly accurate to the heights and proportions of each character on screen.

Accessories 2/5

While Hawkeye has got a new head sculpt, he has been short changed with his bow which is a re-use of the original 2012 version. It is cast in dark grey plastic that is quite brittle and has no paint apps at all. The string is a further thick piece of plastic and has very little give in it for posing.

The bow does not fit too well in Hawkeyes hand - this was of course designed for Captain America - and you end up with kind of make-do poses for Hawkeye who does actually have sufficient articulation for some good archery poses.

Its difficult too also ignore the pack of any quiver or arrows - but the movie did the same, with his arrows and quiver only being seen when he was on Vormir and out of his Quantum suit.

Articulation 3/5

The Quantum Suit body has 19 points of articulation, making it particularly good for posing and display.

Head : ball joint pivot neck

Body : torso T-joint, swivel waist

Arms : ball joint shoulder, bicep swivel, double joint elbows, pivot wrists

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double joint knees, ankle rockers

There are flaws though. The waist is very loose and the hips are also going that way, an issue that also exists on the single release Cap figure. The ankle rockers are ratcheted, but don't easily ratchet and line up for his feet to be flat to the floor - this creates some issues in standing up Cap. The head joint is also very loose so while the head is quite stiff to rotate, it does flop forward under its own weight.

The positives are in the arms with some real good posing options - and with a better bow there would be some brilliant archery poses available to you for your display.


Hasbro have stuck by their guns over the Quantum Suits and gone with the silver concept design and that means you will have to invest heavily if you want a full Avengers line up (Rocket and War Machine aside).

The generic body does mean all your Quantum figures will share the same height and build, but this can be overcome by some character specific posing.

The Clint figure does suffer from some very loose joints straight out of the box and there are issues too with the paint details around the red trims. A new bow would have been nice too.

The head sculpt saves the figure, and also allows a potential fix to the Ronin figure if you wish. I score the Quantum Suit Hawkeye an average 3 out of 5.

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Figure Hacks

If you ignore the silver suits vs the white ones we see on screen, the other key difference is that our heroes didn't really wear helmets or headgear when embarking on the Time Heist. Therefore a lot of people - myself included - are looking to generate a different look for characters like Ant-Man rather than the Ant-Man helmet.

The Quantum Body neck peg will accept the 2018 Ant-Man and the Wasp head sculpt perfectly - the one with the odd smile. If you were hoping to use the more serious First Ten Years Ant-Man head then I am sorry to say the neck peg is too big - and it would need a lot of work to make the two compatible.

As we saw when we reviewed the Captain America Quantum Suit, the base body is also a fit for the Tony Stark head as well as other Steve Rogers heads - to varying degrees.

As I get my hands on the new Thor head I will let you know how that goes with the set.


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