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Review : Marvel Legends Captain America (STRIKE Suit), Captain America The Winter Soldier

Pros : Good articulation. Suit has some nice touches with SHIELD logo's and "Rogers" name decals.

Cons : Body is a bit out of proportion with very slim waist. Head sculpt on both heads is very generic

2014 was the year the Marvel Cinematic Universe was embraced into the Marvel Legends line. After the Guardians of the Galaxy wave and the Groot BAF, the next MCU releases came in a Captain America Winter Soldier themed wave with a comic-book Mandroid BAF.

Captain America in his Stealth STRIKE suit was one of 4 MCU releases in the wave. He was released alongside a WW2 version of himself from the original Cap movie. We got our first Black Widow and the final MCU figure was the titular Winter Soldier.

Cap and the Mandroid figures came in the scalloped side Legends packaging we know so well today. On the black background the box had a blue colour scheme with some nice line art of Cap down each side. Round the back is an image of the figure itself and under this a checklist of all the figures needed for the Mandroid BAF.

Out of the box Cap is sat in an inner tray with his shield. A spare head and hands sit either side of his head. To his side is a Mandroid foot. The inner tray sits in a grey cardboard tray - this is embellished with the Captain America shield log on the grey backdrop.

The figure comes with a masked head in place. The likeness to Chris Evans is somewhat missing and the head looks very generic. The skin tone is one shade without even any lip colouring. The mask is dark gloss blue with a neat A on the front. Beneath the mask are neatly painted eyes. Round the side are the winged design. Sadly the paint apps on the head are sloppy in place, notably around Cap's ears and the chin strap which is wonky on our in hand figure.

Being his SHIELD Strike suit, Cap is also touting a SHIELD log on his right shoulder - applied as a decal by the looks of it. A similar decal of his surname ROGERS sits on the opposite shoulder.

The STRIKE suit is well designed on the figure, but the proportions of the body are quite exaggerated with very wide shoulders and an unnaturally small hip - this is perhaps a hangover from the predominantly comic book figures Hasbro were putting out in the range at the time.

The body is cast in a deep blue and onto this are painted the silver detailing, brown leather straps and red and black striping. The boots are two tone witha grey boot and brown straps. There is no weathering of any kind, making Cap look very clean. The final part of his outfit is a pretty bulky belt piece which floats on his waist and also moves upwards into his torso when the legs are moved.

Articulation on Cap is impressive with 21 points of articulation. This makes posing Cap a breeze, including more iconic poses like the "I can do this all day" pose. Most Legends carry 19 points of articulation. Cap's extra movement comes in his legs with a shin swivel built into the cut of the boot that sits alongside the usual ankle rocker, double jointed knee, thigh swivel and ball jointed hip.

The main body gets a swivel waist, ratcheted T-joint torso and ball jointed head. The arms get a ball jointed shoulder, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows and pivot wrists.

Cap comes with one accessory, his trusty shield. Being his Stealth outfit, the Shield has been toned down to a blue and silver design only. While not 100% screen accurate, the colouring does follow what the Marvel team did in the movie for the Lemurian Star scenes and the subsequent Batroc battle.

The shield has two straps on the reverse. Each are sized to slide onto Cap's arms - with the larger strap sliding up to the elbow, and the smaller strap sitting around the hand piece.

Once on the arm Cap's shield is perhaps a touch too large, but with the arm articulation there are plenty of options for display.

Cap comes fitted with two fist hands, but there are two other options included. The first is a flat palm that seems to have the purpose of making the shield fit on the right hand easier than with the fists. The second hand is a pointing finger for the right hand, while I see how you can pose cap with this finger - it just ends up looking a bit cheesy.

The hands swap in and out really easily, clicking into place and retaining full movement once in place.

Captain America also comes with an alternative unmasked head. Again the likeness to Chris Evans is questionable, and this looks more like a standard comicbook Cap.

Scale wise, Cap stands 6.5" tall and this works well with the other figures in the line like Black Widow. It is also pretty accurate to Cap's on screen height.

Considering this was one of the first MCU figures, the application is a hit and miss. While the figure is based on the MCU look, its proportions are more akin to comic-book figures of the time with the barrelled chest and tiny waist. The head sculpts are both passable as a generic Captain America but not to Chris Evans. The shield is a touch oversized.

Balancing out the flaws the figure boasts impressive articulation and posing ability and the various swap out parts are well engineered. I score Winter Soldier STRIKE suit Captain America 2 out of 5.

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