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Toy Fair 2018 : Marvel Legends

As well as the awesome 10 years of the MCU figures shown by Hasbro in their Marvel Legends line, there was a slew of comic book based releases. The announcements completed waves we knew so much about already, and also shared brand new ones.

They break down as follows

Deadpool Wave

Everyone's favourite merc with the mouth is back in his 2nd movie outing this year, and while the Disney/Fox deal doesn't look advanced enough to allow Hasbro to produce actual movie figures, they are going to maximise the hype the movie will bring with another Deadpool wave.

Already confirmed ahead of the show was the X-Men Deadpool, Omega Red and Lady Deadpool. It was confirmed that Headpool will be included alongside Lady Deadpool.

Joining the wave were "pant-less" Deadpool and Bishop. The build a figure is a very impressive Sauron. One slot does remain in this wave, and the strong indication is that this will be an X-23

Venom Wave

Another movie for 2018 that isn't technically attached to the MCU is Venom. Like Deadpool, Hasbro won't be making direct movie figures (as far as we know) but they are putting out a Venom comic book wave to coincide with the movie release.

Venom and Carnage were announced pre Toy Fair 2018, however it was confirmed at the show that both will get alternative head sculpts

The other figures in the wave are Scream, Poison - the recent addition to the Venom-verse and Spider-ham who will come with alternative Pork Grind head

X-Men Wave

The majority of this wave had already been announced in 2017.

The two new figures confirmed to complete the wave were the Uncanny X-Men Magneto and a classic Sabertooth, ready to battle the Tiger Stripe Wolverine also included in the wave.

The rest of the wave is made up of Psylocke, Multiple Man and Gladiator. The Build a Figure is a classic Apocalypse

Avengers Wave

When the Black Knight was announced in October 2017 at the MCM London Comic-Con it was not clear where he would fit in terms of a release. An Avengers wave was mentioned at the time, and not long afterwards Hasbro did confirm that he would be part of a 2nd Avengers wave in 2018.

Joining Black Knight in the wave will be the movie figures for Ant-Man and the Wasp. Assuming there is no big costume change, these will work for both Infinity War and the Ant-Man & The Wasp movie later in the year. The fourth figure will be a repaint of the Malekith figure, as yet there is no promotional image for this figure.

Shortly after Toy Fair, pre-orders started to go up for this 2nd wave of Avengers 2018 figures confirming the other two figures as Black Widow and Thor with Black Dwarf (Cull Obsidian) from Thanos' Black Order as the Build-a-figure. There are no images of these three at present.

Spider-Man Wave

From right to left we have a House of M Spider-Man. Updated classic comic book Electra. Scarlett Spider which is apparently on a brand new buck body and comes with arm stingers. Cloak and Dagger, where Cloak can be stood on his own or combined with the Dagger body, Dagger will come with an fx piece to simulate her light dagger firing ability.

We get a brand new Doctor Octopus, and another new buck body is in use here. Daredevil is technically a repaint, now in the colours of his most recent comic book run - black suit with red trim. And the build a figure for the 6-figure wave is SP//DR the Mechanical Spider Suit piloted by Penny Parker in one of the alternative Spider-verse Earths.

Ultimate Riders

Following on from the release of the first Ultimate Rider sets - Black Widow and Ghost Rider - the next figure and motorbike release will be Wolverine in his classic white vest and jeans.


Walgreens will continue their Fantastic Four themed exclusive releases by adding Thing this year to complete the FF4 and he will be followed by a Silver Surfer. Thing will come with two head options while Surfer has "glittering" effect paint work?

Toys R Us will be getting a comic based Ant-Man 2 pack containing classic Ant-Man and his daughter in her Stinger Suit. They are also getting a Days of Future Past set containing Wolverine and a Sentinel. This was not shown at the show, but the Sentinel is apparently going to re-use 2011 Marvel Universe 14" Sentinel sculpt, which at the time was for the 3.75" line of figures.

And our final comic book exclusive, as previously announced, is a tweak of the comic Thanos build a figure who will be single packed as a Walmart US exclusive.

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