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Super7 Transformers Ultimates, Series 2

Super7 have revealed their second wave of Transformers Ultimates figures. The 7-inch figures in this second set will include Bludgeon, Grimlock in his Dino Mode, Megatron, and Tracks.

Each figure will feature alternative hands and appropriate weapons and accessories, and Grimlock even comes with an appropriately scaled Wheelie who can ride on his back.

Like all Super7 Ultimates, the 2nd set of Transformers is now in the pre-sale period which runs until the 27th of August 2021. At this point, the figures will go into production based on the pre-order numbers - with shipping in the Summer of 2022. You can order directly with Super7, or via a local stockist who will place the order with Super7 on your behalf.

Master of the Cybertronian martial art of Metallikato, Bludgeon is a highly skilled, ferocious Decepticon warrior. If you’re not familiar with Bludgeon, he’s a leader of the Mayhem Attack Squad, which should give you some insight into his character. This highly-articulated Transformers ULTIMATES! figure of Bludgeon is inspired by the vintage toy and comics, standing 8.5” in his helmet and featuring interchangeable heads and hands along with an assortment of hand-to-hand combat weapons ready to mete out punishment upon any Autobots that cross him. There’s also a comic-inspired wire bundle that plugs into the bottom of Bludgeon’s head, as if it has been ripped off! You’re not seriously going to pass on the opportunity to add a martial arts Transformer to your ULTIMATES collection, are you?


  • 2 interchangeable heads

  • Toy-inspired head

  • Comic-inspired head

  • 6 interchangeable hands

  • Head wire bundle (comic-inspired)

  • Katana & sheath

  • Wakizashi & sheath

  • Tank blaster

  • Ion blaster (toy-inspired)

  • Turret shield (toy-inspired)

“Me Grimlock!” One of the most powerful and feared of all Autobots, the only challenge beyond Grimlock’s capabilities is basic pronoun usage, but grammatical shortcomings aside, the Dinobot leader can go toe-to-toe with even the mightiest of Decepticon foes on the battlefield. This 9” highly-articulated Transformers ULTIMATES! figure of Grimlock in Dino Mode features G1 accurate paint deco and an arsenal of accessories that even include his time as a waiter. One more note we saved for the end, you’ll also get Autobot Wheelie, his friend! He can ride on Grimlock’s back, ready to go on the attack! Action, not diplomacy, is Grimlock’s forte, so in his spirit, just add this mighty warrior to your Transformers collection!


  • 6x interchangeable hands

  • Mind-transfer helmet

  • Soft goods waiter apron

  • Serving tray

  • 6x drinkware

  • Fish

  • King Crown

  • Wheelie

“Peace through Tyranny!” Megatron is the big bad of the Transformers universe for a reason. Actually, many, many reasons. Tremendous strength, military acumen, and ruthless aggression meant to inspire terror are just a few of his “finer” qualities. This 8” highly-articulated Transformers ULTIMATES! figure of Megatron features G1 accurate paint deco and interchangeable heads and hands. With an arsenal of other accessories, this figure is every bit as well equipped as you’d expect the leader of the fearsome Decepticons to be. Adding this Megatron ULTIMATES! figure to your collection is as inevitable as the fear he instills in his foes!


  • 3x interchangeable heads

  • Regular head

  • Power-hungry head

  • Head with mind control helmet

  • 6x interchangeable hands

  • Hand holding Energon cube

  • Anti-matter chest

  • Kremzeek