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Review : Wave 2 (2013) Star Wars Black Series

Wave 2 of the Black Series both lit the touchpaper of the Black Series, but also came close to killing it completely.

Wave 2 was always going to be massive due to the inclusion of Boba Fett, but putting him in a case with Slave Leia, Greedo and Han was always a disaster on paper. Retailers had to order heavy to get in enough Boba's to satisfy demand but were then left, for anything up to a year, with peg warmers of Leia and Greedo in particular. Add to this some poor paint apps in Wave 2 and Box Set re-releases and carry forwards the damage Wave 2 caused is still being felt today.

#05 was Slave Leia, as seen in Jabba's palace. Although this is an iconic outfit for Leia, it does fall down as an Action Figure as the joints on Leia's arms and legs are a little bit too visible. Leia also looks a bit under sized vs the male characters - although the scale has been proved correct against the character bio's. Leia came with two weapons, and a neck chain which could be clipped off. Her skirt is soft goods but is prone to fraying. Leia is pretty well articulated thanks to those ugly joints, but cant really achieve the sitting pose for putting her on the end of Jabba's throne, she was also prone to pretty sloppy paint applications. Leia was always destined to keep pegs warm and should have really been a pack in for a box set or with Jabba himself.

#06 was the one everyone wanted, Boba Fett. Boba first turned up as a 2013 SDCC exclusive, boxed up with Han in Carbonite. Soon after he arrived as a single release and old sold all the other figures in the case. Boba comes with his rifle, blaster and backpack and has soft good cloak slung over his shoulder. His articulation is great, if not a little wide legged in his stance and a couple of decent poses that cant quite be realised due to the leg pouches. Boba would go on to be re-released in wave 04 to meet demand and get a repaint for a Wallgreens US exclusive in 2014.

#07 was Greedo, a nice background character and an obvious partner piece of the Han (read on). Greedo got the award for least accessories so far, coming with his blaster only. As with Leia, Greedo was tagged as a peg warmer and this was made worse by the release of a 2-pack exclusive to Toys R Us that contained both Han and Greedo in the Cantina scene. This 2-pack should have been Greedo's route to Market, and the single slot in Wave 2 set aside for a figure big enough to sell as much as Boba would.

#08 and the final piece of Wave 2 was Han Solo, as seen in A New Hope. Han was a big enough character to go against Boba, but still suffered due to the bizarre decision to carry him through into wave 3 as well as release him in the cantina box with Greedo. Han comes with blaster, Stormtrooper rifle, alternative hands (flight gloves) and an alternative storm trooper belt. Han, like Leia, suffered with sloppy paint applications and was often found cross-eyed on the shelf.

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