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Review: Star Wars Black Series The Mandalorian (Glavis Ringworld), The Book of Boba Fett, Galaxy Collection Wave 16

“I’m gonna give the rest of you the opportunity to walk out that door. I have no quarrel with you.”

Since his debut in 2019, The Mandalorian has made many appearances across the Star Wars Black Series with each figure varying from the last either in the evolution of Mando’s armour and equipment, or in terms of specific scenes such as the Maldo Kries Mando with snow decor, or the Mudhorn Mando with muddied and damaged armour. All of Mando’s releases have, so far, arrived under the banner of his own Disney+ series, until this latest release.

The Mandalorian from Wave 16 of the Galaxy Collection is taken from his appearance during The Book of Boba Fett and is subtitled as the ‘Glavis Ringworld’ Mando identifying his armour and equipment from the time he spent apart from Grogu and seeking out his Covert and The Armorer. The figure is part of a four-figure wave dedicated to The Book of Boba Fett and that uses the now-returned window box with a deep green design as allocated to TBOBF. Mando is number 08 in the Boba Fett line following on from the Pyke Solider from the same wave.

None of the previous Mando releases have been without inaccuracies or minor flaws, and this version could have simply been a repack or tweaked variant of an existing figure but instead Hasbro has reworked the Mando from the ground up with a full new figure that revisits every aspect of his Beskar armour and overall outfit for what is probably the most accurate Mando figure to date.

The same principle from previous releases applies here with a brown undersuit body overlaid with the various Beskar armoured parts. These include updated and larger shoulder pauldrons, the right featuring the sigil of the Mudhorn. We have a new chest piece, new thigh armour and tweaks to the bracers and shin segments. The belt and shoulder strap are also reworked in softer plastic for a thicker finish and a new holster. Paint decor utilises the base plastic in most cases, either the brown garments or silver Beskar armour. Some variation in the outfit comes from blue panels around the belt and the left knee pad as well as silver details on the belt, overshoulder strap and some additional ammo stored around the right shin.

Comparison of new Glavis Ringworld Mandalorian v the Maldo Kreis Mandalorian (2022)

The helmet is also updated, slightly larger and adding again to the better proportions all around for the figure. It is not removable, sadly, but features the same Beskar silver as the armour as well as a glossy black visor section. We also now no longer have to choose between cloak or jetpack as this Glavis Ringworld Mando sees us upgraded to a soft goods cape fitted and tailored around the neck to sit down the right-hand side of his back. It is a similar fabric to Jedi robes so hangs pretty well and includes some holes and a tattered edge to mimic the onscreen look. The jet pack is also cast in silver Beskar and plugs into the rear of the Mandalorian armour via three pegs. The fit is snug and secure and the cape can be arranged around the Jetpack with neither interfering with the other.

Articulation is all pinless and we have 19 points in total including the newer double-joint neck and butterfly shoulders. All the joints work with the armour allowing a fairly extensive level of posing options including the ability to kneel and the ability to wield any of the three included weapons. These weapons include Mando’s standard blaster and while at first glance this looks like the one from the previous releases a side-by-side comparison shows it is also new with a slightly longer barrel and so differing sculptwork on the body of the weapon. This is gunmetal in colour with a wooden grip and can be holstered on the belt, or held in Mando’s right hand - the only hand to feature the trigger finger.

We also get a short knife, the one used in the scenes on Glavis Ringworld while battling Kaba Baiz and his henchmen. Like the gun, it features a metallic silver body and a brown handle. The proportions of the knife are good, but its slim size makes it very difficult for Mando to hold and we needed an alternative hand option here to hold the knife. What you can do is slot the knife away in the designed slot in the right lower leg - something I missed the first time around, but found later on while posing the figure for display.

Amban Sniper Rifle is NOT included but can be fitted to the figure's back

The other feature Hasbro has included with this new Mando is the retention of a socket for the Amban Sniper rifle so it can be shoulder-slung. While this weapon is not included in the set - or contemporary with the figure having been destroyed along with the Razor Crest before the scenes on Glavis Ringworld - we can still choose to mix-and-match parts from the older releases to create our own favourite look for Mando.

The third weapon is the Darksaber, a key plot point of the Glavis Ringwold scenes with The Armourer. The Darksaber is the same as included with Moff Gideon, and most recently Pre Vizsla. It features a grey hilt and a removable black blade edged in white. The saber can be held in either hand and when not in use there is a hook on the saber hilt to hang it around the back of Mando’s belt.

The one thing slightly conspicuous in its absence is the Beskar spear as that formed a key part of Mando’s look in The Book of Boba Fett until he had it melted down. The spear does exist in the Black Series but has only been included in the relatively hard-to-get and very overly expensive Amazon 2-pack with Ahsoka. Throwing that into this set would have finished the figure beautifully.

This new Glavis Ringworld Mando is undoubtedly the best Mando figure to date, improving massively on the older body to give Din Djarin much better proportions overall while fixing key issues like the cape and Jetpack issues. There are neat touches too like the Knife and holster, the hook for the Darksaber and the additional socket for those who want to fit him with the older Amban Rifle. There is nothing not to like about this figure, a must-have for any New Republic-era collection.

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