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Review: Star Wars Black Series Mandalorian Fleet Commander, Galaxy Collection Wave 15, The Mandalorian

"For Mandalore!"

Mandalorians are very hot property at the moment, and that is reflected in the volume of Mandalorian-themed releases we are seeing in the Star Wars Black Series. The latest addition to that line is the Mandalorian Fleet Commander from Season 3 of The Mandalorian on Disney+. This is a slightly odd choice considering this character has limited screen time and more limited lines - although he may have had a wider role in earlier drafts for Season 3. There is also an element here relating to the opportunity to re-use existing figure parts to create a new character. 

The Mandalorian Fleet Commander is a December 2023 release and part of Wave 15 of the Galaxy Collection. He is released alongside Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati from Ahsoka, the repack of Starkiller from The Force Unleashed, and alongside fellow Mandalorian hero R5-D4. The Commander’s packaging follows the same theme as the other Mando releases with a deep orange accent colour on the front text and side and rear artworks. The Commander is number 34 in The Mandalorian collection, following on directly from R5-D4. He looks to be sandwiched between droids in the montage art as we expect the next release, 35, to be Greef Karga’s Astromech R4-6DO.

The Fleet Commander follows the usual armoured principle of Mandalorian warriors with a base suit in deep blue that is then overlaid matt grey armoured chest, shoulder, and lower leg armour - and a contrasting gloss blue set of thigh panels and wrist gauntlets. Additional paint is applied to the central silver segment of the chest armour and alongside in the red & blue cut-in panels. There is also detailing on the Commander’s belt and the brown of the boots. The detailing doesn’t extend far enough to mirror the onscreen prop with details missing on the gauntlet weaponry in particular. My figure also suffers from an irritating brown paint splodge on the chest armour that is quite stubborn against my efforts to remove it.

The Fleet Commander is very much a mix of new parts alongside those taken predominantly from the Mandalorian Death Watch Trooper from 2022. The Fleet Commander utilises the same arms and torso as the original figure although the shoulder pauldrons are re-shaped, and the chest armour updated. The waist on the Commander also features a softer plastic overlaid wrap with the belt. The upper thighs may be recycled, but do have updated armour, while the lower legs are new with new knee weaponry, shin guards and boots. These also appear to be lengthened to make the figure taller versus the Death Watch Trooper and his boss Axe Woves who also shares a lot of these parts. The figure, as many others have commented, is very much a new Jango Fett in waiting with just minor tweaks which would be something Hasbro may be considering with the age of the existing Jango Fett body and its limited articulation.

The outfit is finished with the jetpack, a re-used piece with the standard central plug and upper pins to align with the sockets on the rear of the figure. The fit for this figure feels more secure than normal. The base blue of the jetpack is overpainted in gunmetal silver across various panels. The pack also features articulated boosters that swivel in their socket - and the removable rocket 

The head sculpt is new and a strong likeness to actor Travis Parker. Faceprint tech is in play to add in detailing to the face, although they have gone quite heavy on the eyebrows. The head also sees a return to the very glossy skin that has been an issue with other recent figures. We do also get a helmet, a standard piece cast in blue with a black gloss visor, grey panels and an articulated grey range finder. There is also a subtle grey ‘V’ logo above the main visor on the central forehead. The fit is the loosest I have ever seen on a Black Series release and it is not secure in any way when placed over the head and simply rattles away and will fall off if the figure is inverted. While this means there is no risk of paint rub, it does mean positioning is harder to ensure the helmet sits low enough so that the figure's chin is covered. 

We have a single weapon, the usual Westar Mandalorian blaster in grey plastic with limited but sleek detailing. It fits into the right hand only, and there is no holster option included with the figure. Articulation is pinless, and the re-use does mean it still has the original 19 points of articulation retaining the thigh swivel alongside the butterfly shoulders and twin jointed neck. With a sleeker set of armour the posing options are increased with the Commander able to kneel, crouch, shoot or fly (with a flight stand). He should also be able to be seated if any of the talented 3D printers bring us a command chair in which to have him seated.

The Mandalorian Fleet Commander may be a slightly leftfield choice for a Black Series release but he is a welcome addition to the ever-growing Mandalorian covet, sitting perfectly well with the likes of Koska Reeves and Axe Woves while retaining individuality. Execution is fine throughout, with the exception of the ill-fitting helmet. The future options for this body are also intriguing with options for a new Jango Fett certainly a possibility - if not for Hasbro themselves, but for customisers.

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