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Review: Star Wars Black Series Krrsantan, Galaxy Collection Deluxe, The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+)

“I remember your years in the Pit. I’ve never seen a more impressive display of martial prowess, and you were a legend. And the name Krrsantan drew crowds by the thousands.”

Krrsantan was an established figure in Star Wars Comic Book circles before he made his live-action debut in the Book of Boba Fett series in 2021. It has taken until the early Autumn of 2023 for this live-action Krrsantan to be released in the Black Series line as a deluxe general release and part of the Book of Boba Fett Galaxy Collection. Krrsantan is packed in plastic-free packaging, relying on promo images to confirm the contents of the box to collectors. The box uses the green assigned tone for The Book of Boba Fett on the labels and side artwork. Krrsantan is number 04 in the Boba Fett series, with his artwork connecting to the previous release of Luke Skywalker and Grogu.

The entire figure is new and sculpted as you’d expect from a Wookiee covered head to toe in fur. This is a very dark grey plastic and over this, we have greyed dry brushing to enhance the texture of the fur. Krrsantan’s feet are sculpted with the toes all picked out in brown, while the hands include his augmented knuckle dusters with gold paint added to the grip and the spikes over each knuckle. Krrsantan’s belt and shoulder armour are both added as individual softer plastic pieces cast in the gold colour. The belt features an intricate front segment with a circular motif as well as a brown painted pouch around the sides, as well as a bunch of hair/pelts taken as trophies. The upper chest and shoulder section also carries an intricate design on the centre panel with cross sections coming off over and under the arms with the upper parts connecting to the two large spiked shoulder sections. These two carry more of the circular design motif we see elsewhere on the armour.

Krrsantan very much earns his Deluxe status with his size and weight. He stands just over 7 inches tall a full head taller than standard height figures such as Boba Fett which is then accurate to the series with Fett's head only reaching Krrsantan’s broad shoulders in scenes where they are pictured together. There is a discrepancy between Krrsantan and other Wookiee figures like Chewie and those using the Chewbacca body like Zaalbar and the comic book Krrsantan. This is more due to the oversizing of the Chewbacca figure than any inaccuracies with Krrsantan.

The head sculpt features Krrsantan with his mouth partly opened exposing a painted red inner mouth and white teeth. The fur detailing on the head is the same as the body with the eyes peering out from beneath the shaggy fur forehead. The dry brushing of grey here extends further to a larger section of white on the forehead, the upper lip and the lower jaw. The likeness to the onscreen Krrsantan is OK, but the eyes might just be a bit too close together and the lip didn't have the white fur that we see on the figure, and this is a bit distracting. The rear of the head sees the hair starting to translate into plaited sections each held in place with gold ringlets with three braids extending down the back of the figure, the longest of which reaching his waist.

Krrsantan’s fur texture is built into the articulation, overlapping the joints to improve the overall aesthetics, but that does serve to restrict some joints. Articulation on paper is just 16 points in total with Krrsantan seeing the removal of the thigh swivel - which does aid the look overall - as well as missing out on a dual-jointed neck due to the anatomy of a Wookiee. The elbows and knees are single jointed allowing a right-angle bend in both cases. He does get a set of butterfly shoulders and these do help somewhat in positioning the arms, but the nature of the shoulder armour and the lack of any obvious way to articulate these with the shoulder stops much of the arm movement in its tracks when you try to move them up and out any more than about 45 degrees. The head too is restricted by the fur and armour, turning only a few mm either way.

The leg articulation does fare better with options for both wider stances, and set for combat positions with the knees bent. There is very little play in the ankle rockers, but enough to balance Krrsantan when posed and with no obvious overbalancing due to his weight.

The sole accessory is the enormous blaster Krrsantan wields in The Book of Boba Fett. This is a new piece, unique to Krrsantan, and features a cast deep grey almost metallic body. Within the weapon are obvious sculpted details - necessary due to the size - but none of these are extensively detailed or given any paint applications. The sole colours we do get are some red lights on one side near the trigger and a silver hue to the barrel that transitions to a metallic blue at the very end. The gun we got arrived warped - an issue that has befallen many accessories in the plastic-free packaging with no inner tray to keep them in shape. This warping is evident both across the length of the gun as well as on the twin sights. Due to the thickness of the plastic I’ve not had a huge amount of joy resetting these with the usual heat application.

Fitting the gun into Krrsantan’s hand is not easy, the grip of the hands themselves being quite tight and the fur around the hand creating a few obstacles. Once posed the articulation restrictions don't really allow for any dynamic firing positions, only posing with the gun held in neutral positions with one or both hands, the left hand able to come across and grip the barrel. When not in use the gun secures onto the back of Krrsantan’s armour by way of a small plug on the weapon, and a socket on the cross-section of the rear armour straps. The fit is secure enough, but not extensively so and the weapon can be dislodged when moving or posing the figure.

Krrsantan is a figure well worth his Deluxe status and slightly increased RRP with the height and bulk of the figure scaled appropriately to what we see on screen. The figure has certainly seen aesthetics prioritised over articulation with no compromise on the furred detail and joints built in around the fur to allow rudimentary movement - sufficient to pose Krrsantan in a handful of poses for display, relying on his size and presence rather than dynamic firing or fighting stances. The content from The Book of Boba Fett has been slow considering it's been nearly 2-years since it aired, and Krrsantan is only number four in the series (the 5th release if you count the Cad Bane and Cobb Vanth 2-pack). As we see more releases going into 2024 like the Tusken Raider Chief and the Pike Syndicate soldiers, this collection is going to have a very diverse look indeed and Krrsantan is front and centre of that and he won't be a purchase you regret.

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