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Review : Star Wars Black Series Incinerator Trooper, The Mandalorian

Following on from the launch of the Star Wars Black Series Galaxy Collection, a 2nd wave arrived in Autumn 2020 containing 8 figures in total. While 6 of them were essentially repacks of figures seen in exclusives or anniversary packaging - the wave brought us a new Phase 1 Clone Trooper on the new articulated body and a new Incinerator Stormtrooper, as seen in Season 1 of The Mandalorian.

Our Incinerator Trooper is the 3rd figure in the Galaxy Collection Mandalorian series, following on from The Beskar Mandalorian and Imperial Stormtrooper. The box uses the base black tones we are used to for the Black Series and deploys an accent colour - in this case a burnt umber - to represent the source material of The Mandalorian. This deep brown tone is used as a border to the base of the figure window where it carries the text "Star Wars : The Mandalorian".

The slanted side of the box carries the grey scale artwork of the Incinerator Trooper complete with flamer unit slung over his shoulder. There is no colour, so the red markings are seen as darker grey on the image. Colour is applied as a hue radiating upwards from the base of the image.

The coloured border extends round to the back of the box where it confirms the figures numbering in the Galaxy Collection as #03 in The Mandalorian. Above this is a cropped repeat of the side art and next to his a very brief piece of background text.

"Incinerator Trooper armor was exceptionally heat-resistant and bore red markings in order to indicate their speciality"

The figure, tray and cardboard backing slides out from either the top or bottom flap. The tray includes the figure window which is separate to the box, likely to help recycling.


The Incinerator Trooper utilises the new Stormtrooper base sculpt that launched in the last wave and was the #02 figure in The Mandalorian set. Presented in the box it looks a little awkward, but once out and posed it looks pretty great. The armour is now all cast in gloss white with the black body as independent parts which does away with the issue of painting black over white, or the trickier white over black. The red markings are painted over the top and in a fashion that they look scratched and worn.

Our trooper is wearing a Pauldron which is cast in a rubbery black plastic, with a painted red shoulder panel. The same material is used as a strap and frame for the Flamethrower tank which sits on the back of the figure.

And here is the real disappointment with the figure, the flame tank is upside down vs what we see on the show. The tank valves and hoses should sit on the top of the unit, but the entire piece has been assembled on the strap upside down. You can see in the images that this results in the tanks sitting too low on the figure. Unfortunately, its not a case of taking off the straps (which do release via plugs at the top of the back section) and turning it round. The piece is shaped to go on in this format and therefore the error is deep rooted in the design - most likely with Hasbro working off concept art or individual images of the flame unit and they guessed the orientation.


The Flamethrower weapon itself is cast in grey plastic with plenty of detail from the ignition prongs at the front to the perforated barrel and vents on the main body. It would benefit from some additional paint apps to bring out this detail, but sadly its been left as plain grey.

The weapon is permanently attached to the body by way of a flexible hose that connects to the tank. This feels robust but there will be deterioration around the connection points over time and through posing the gun. The tanks are also cast in grey and have a single decal of an Imperial insignia in red in the centre of the tank.

The figure also includes a flame FX piece that is cast in a translucent yellow that is then painted out to an orange finish at the end. This has a hole at the end that fits under the prongs of the flame unit and slide over the barrel. Once engaged the flame stays in place via the connection. The flame looks fine from the side, but is quite flat in terms of the shaping if you look from above.


The main reason Hasbro developed a new Imperial Stormtrooper body is to improve articulation. And this new body has a number of impressive enhancements over the predecessor. It comes in with a total of 19 points of articulation across the new body.

Head : neck base ball joint, neck top ball joint

Body : torso ball joint

Upper Arms : hinged pauldron, butterfly shoulders, ball joint shoulders

Lower Arms : single rotating elbow, wrist pivot

Legs : ball joint hips, single rotating knees, ankle rockers

While the elbows are downgraded to a single joint, they are designed so that they still bend well past 90 degrees while being easier on the eye than than the double joints. The arms are fully mobile thanks to the addition of the shoulder butterfly joints as well as a joint in the shoulder pauldron which allows it to move independently but in tandem with the arm as its raised and posed. The Pauldron does pose a bit obstructive on the right shoulder, but nothing major.

The new legs allow for kneeling poses as well as supporting wider action stances, and these wider positions are needed when the flame piece is employed as it adds a lot of weight to the front of the figure. Neutral poses wont stay upright with the flame in situ, and the legs need to be widened and feet planted to offset the flame piece.

The Incinerator Trooper is really easy to pose and display and all joints were tight, secure and with many of them featuring a ratchet design for extra security.


The Incinerator Trooper is one of those figures that looks a bit flat in the packaging, and it needs to be opened and posed to really appreciate the updated articulation and overall look of the figure with its battlefield red paint apps. While there is nothing wrong with the packaging and the artwork, the way the figure is packed in the tray does not do it justice.

The issue with the figure is one of accuracy and the installation of the Flamethrower backpack tanks the wrong way round. This does throw the profile of the figure as you should see the tanks, valves and hoses project above the shoulders. While I can appreciate the error was probably due to production stills or designs, it is a shame that Hasbro didn't catch it and correct it before release and there is no way of reversing the pack easily without some level of customisation and adjustment of parts.

The Mandalorian line is shaping up nicely as a sub-line, and it is good to see the Imperial Remnant being expanded with figures like the Incinerator Trooper. I score the Star Wars Black Series Incinerator Trooper a total of 3.5

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