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Review : Star Wars Black Series IG-11, The Mandalorian

IG-11, as seen in the first season of The Mandalorian, was released at the back end of 2019 as a Best Buy US Exclusive. Elsewhere in the world, supply was very limited, and at the time of writing IG-11 was very sought after outside of the US. As an exclusive he was not numbered.

Packaging 4/5

IG-11 is packed in the standard phase 3 packaging. As an exclusive he is not numbered, and there is also no reference to his role in The Mandalorian. The Gregory Titus artwork is a crisp rendering of the head and shoulders of IG-11 complete with twin bandoleer.

The rear of the box repeats the image, along with the standard background text

"One of a series of dangerous assassin droids largely outlawed in the galaxy, IG-11 is a hired gun programmed to follow Bounty Hunters Guild protocols to the letter."

Paint & Sculpt 4/5

IG-11 is of course a re-use of the original IG-88 figure from 2015. The big difference is the bandoleer with IG-88's single strap replaced by the two ammo straps of IG-11. You will find some variances in head configuration too as the top and bottom sections are separate pieces and the layout will depend how they are fixed in the factory.

IG-11 stands 6 and a half inches tall, which some may consider too short for the IG series droids. If however you stand IG-11 with The Mandalorian then the variance between the two figures is consistent to what you see on screen.

The figure carries a load of intricate detailing with exposed components and wiring. While he is cast in a metallic silver, there are varying colour shades throughout with a rusty bronze on the shoulders, a brass/gold effect around the chest and even a very dark gunmetal down on the leg areas.


IG-11 is packed with the same E-11 blaster and DLT-19X blaster rifle as originally came with IG-88. These are consistent with the weapons used on the show. These are not reuses of the original Stormtrooper weapons, but have been cast purely for the IG series droids. The reason is the plug under the grip of the weapon - this slots into a socket above the IG droids hand allowing him to wield the weapon securely.

Each weapon is cast well in a black plastic with clear detailing around the barrel and grip textures. A gun metal finish is dry brushed over the top.

The DLT-19X, being longer, does have a habit of unbalancing the figure so a stand may be needed for using this blaster. When not in use the DLT-19X fits into a holster on the back of IG-11's dual straps. This holster is specifically shaped for the DLT-19X and the smaller E-11 will not fit.

Articulation 3/5

IG-11 has a similar number of joints as a standard Black Series figure, 17 in total. The joints are however specific to this type of mechanical slimline figure. For example, the shoulder is a ball joint in a socket, but to achieve the rotation there is another joint that allows the shoulder socket to rotate.

Head : rotating neck

Body : rotating chest T-Joint

Arms : rotating shoulder, shoulder ball joint, single joint rotating elbow

Legs : pivot hip, rotating thigh swivel, single joint knees, ankle pivots

The elbows are a rotating elbow, but covered in a rubber grommet. This grommet will break over time. There is also a problem with loose joints, the IG-88 suffered the same. The chest and ankles in particular are the biggest issues. The latter being a factor for stability.


IG-11 was a standout character in The Mandalorian, and is a great choice for the Black Series considering the base figure was already in place. Despite using the same parts in the main, IG-11 looks better than IG-88, driven mainly by the colouring of the droid which looks weathered and rusted.

Articulation works, although the elbow rubbery covers have a lifespan, and IG-11 can achieve a number of key poses that we see on screen. He does seem to stand better than his counterpart from 2015, but that may be short lived as the ankles do already feel a bit loose and I suspect a stand will be needed shortly.

I score the IG-11 Exclusive Black Series release a 4 out of 5.

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