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Review: Star Wars Black Series Gamorrean Guard (Deluxe), Return of the Jedi


The Gamorrean Guard was released in the Star Wars Black Series in 2018 as a Deluxe release. He was a Target US exclusive and was sold elsewhere via the Fan Channel.

The Gamorrean was part of the 3rd Phase of the Black Series and is therefore packed in a squared black box with a bright red side spine. The front of the box features the Black Series logo, character name, and a greyscale artwork of the Gammy as illustrated by Gregory Titus. The red side would normally hold the figure number, but as an exclusive, this is left blank with a shaded black box where the number should be.

Around the back, we see a larger image of the Titus artwork as well as a short piece of background text that reads:-

"Burly, pig-like brutes who favored axes and other primitive weapons, Gamorreans were often used as muscle by Hutts and other underworld king-pins. Jabba the Hutt employed a gang of intimidating Gamorreans to guard his palace on Tatooine."

The Gamorrean justifies his Deluxe status not in height - standing half a head under a standard figure - but in girth with the bulky proportions of the Gamorreans executed really well. The body features a leather brown chest armour, complete with the circular front motif and a dark wash over the top to add weathering. Across this is a black strapping section that also functions as a belt of sorts. The arms start with overlapping studded silver shoulder armour panels and then we run down the muscular green-skinned arm to similarly coloured bracers.

The lower skirt of the Gamorrean is executed as soft goods with a scaled fur skirt attached tot he figures waist. It works really well assuming it is tucked in fully, it can start to pull out from the waist as the waist is moved around and that leaves a plainer brown fabric left exposed. If you do want to cut this away fully there is a sculpted and painted brown section underneath. Like the arms, the legs are uncovered and finish in a harsh-looking pair of grey sandals.

Painting across the body is excellent with weathering on the brown armour, a realistic gunmetal colour on the metal armour panels and a good skin tone match to the Gamorreans we see on screen.

The head is as impressive as the body capturing the prosthetic masks used for the filming of Return of the Jedi complete with those small squinting eyes, porcine nose, wide teeth filled mouth, and horns that sit just beneath the skin-cap helmet. Like the body, the head is well painted with shaded sections that translate from the base green tone to a brown around the nose and mouth.

The also features an opening mouth feature, something only found on a handful of Black Series releases. The engineering is more that both the jaw and head are pivoted, and tilting the head back creates the opening mouth. The exposed inner mouth is also painted with pink tongue and yellowing teeth. While the feature adds another dynamic to the figure, the open-mouth look doesn't quite work for me as its not something I can relate back to the original Return of the Jedi scenes. It is however good to have some options to vary your Gamorreans if (like me) you army build these.

The Army Building has also been recognised in the accessories with three individual weapons included, all as seen in various scenes in Return of the Jedi. You can choose to arm your Gamorrean with a Vibro-Lance, a hand axe, or a Vibro-Axe.