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Review : Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett, Empire Strikes Back

Pros : Excellent sculpt with good paint job and articulation. EE-3 Blaster RIfle is an exceptionally decorated accessory

Cons : Cape does not hang too naturally. The smaller blaster pistol looks out of place against its counterpart

I have a soft spot for the original Boba Fett release. It came in Wave 2 of the Black Series, very early in 2014 here in the UK. It was the figure that hooked me into the line and was my first purchase after resisting the likes of X-Wing Luke and Darth Maul up to this point. The first figure in any collection is special - but this one holds a dear place in my heart.

Sentimentality aside, Fett is a brilliant figure - and arrived in the orange line as number #06. He is preceded by an exclusive version from SDCC and Celebration 2013, and we have an expanded review this release in our archive.covering

Boba Fett stands dead on 6" tall and is nice weighty piece in hand. The helmet, the key to a good Mandalorian figures, is well proportioned and more importantly for Fett includes the trademark dent and a good paint decor with the gloss black visor trimmed then in burgundy and the green on the helmet with yellow markings. On top of this are a good level of weathering with silver scratches to show where the paint has worn off in one of Boba's many battles.

Like the helmet, the armour too is well sculpted with the chest piece and shoulder armour moving down to arm gauntlets and knee armour. The undersuit is grey with washes to darken and weather this around the knees and ankles. A soft goods cloak hangs from the shoulder with a tan base material and a light brown stripe. This comes out ragged and frayed at the edges, but over time has seen little deterioration which is good. My one criticism of the cape is it hangs a little flat.

The other details including soft plastic Wookiee braids hanging off the shoulder and the Mandalorian iconography applied as decals on the shoulder and again on the chest piece.

Of course Boba also comes with his jet pack. This is cast in a green plastic and then painted with silver and black detailing and more of that silver battle damage. The backpack slots into a socket on Fett's back and holds in place well enough.

Fett is articulated with 16 points of articulation. The legs carry 4 points each with ball jointed hips, a thigh swivel, double jointed knees and an ankle rocker. Because of his belt and various pouches you won't get Fett to do much more than wider action stances, but he does hold his posing very well.

The arms are ball jointed at the shoulder with the shoulder armour withdrawing into the chest when the arms are raised, making the arm fully poseable. The elbows are single jointed with a rotation and the hands are a pivot swivel on the wrist. The final joints are on the truck of the figure, the first in the waist with a ball joint that will allow both rotation and some leaning motions. And we end with the head which is ball jointed with a good wide range of movement.

The first of Boba's weapons are the Sacros K-11 Disintegrator Pistol. This is named on the box, and originates to the Holiday Special when Boba Fett uses the weapon to fire at pursuing Stormtroopers when he is trying to gain Chewbacca's trust.

The cast of this is quite basic with very few details. It is cast in a red brown tone with silver barrel.

The Pistol fits into either hand with both right and left hands having a flexible trigger finger.

And when not in use the pistol slots into holster on the belt.

While the K-11 was a pretty poor sculpt and decor, the other weapon is a masterpiece. The EE-3 Carbine Rifle is an exquisite cast - capturing the weapons proportions extremely well. The decor is then second to none with a brown stock with silver details. Cream handle, black barrel and dry brushed silver on the barrel end and the sights.

The accuracy has to be applauded here also as the EE-3 is specifically the Empire Strikes Back version with slimmer barrel and more forward located sights - the weapon (prop) would be remodeled for its appearance in Return of the Jedi.

Like the pistol, the rifle will fit in either hand with the trigger finger in place. The rotating elbow joints also facilitate a two handed weapon pose - crucial if you are replicating the posing with the other Bounty Hunters from Empire.

Boba Fett remains a favourite in the Black Series, despite its age. It is a great sculpt with good decor and weathering and a good level of articulation. The soft goods may not hang quite right, and that blaster pistol is a little disappointing but these can be overlooked. I score the standard release Boba Fett a 4 out of 5.

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