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Review : Robb Stark (series 2) Funko Legacy

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Robb Stark is number 11 in Funko's Legacy Game of Thrones collection, released in 2014 as part of series 2. Robb arrives in the standard window box that we are no accustomed to, with a colour scheme and design identical to that of his father, Ned Stark, as seen in series 1. The box is adorned with the Stark Wolf Crest and on the rear is a listing of the 6 figures that make up series 2, as well as a shot of Robb directly from the TV show - as played by Richard Madden.

Once opened, you will find Robb packed in the inner perspex tray along with his sword accessory. In hand, Robb is a solid enough figure with a good weight to him. The sculpt, as completed by Gentle Giant, is really impressive. The head & face is a really good likeness to Richard Madden, but the sculpt detail is actually found further down in his clothing. The leather armour tunic is patterned and overlaid with a studded neck & chest piece. The arms are adorned with elbow armour, wrist bracers and end in wrist long leather gloves. The legs are a little less impressive as just plain black trousers ending in knee high boots. From Robb's waist hangs a tied leather belt which is sculpted with a wolf design buckle, and hanging from this is a wrapped sheath into which the sword sits snuggly. The outfit is finished with the fur cloak which is strapped around Robb's torso and hangs realistically off his shoulders and eventually flows down to the ground. It is worth saying that THIS is the outfit, or at least style of outfit, that we wanted to see Ned Stark in - not the Kings Landing version. We should hope that if the line continues we can at some point get a Winterfell Ned Stark.

Articulation will always be restricted when you have a bulky armoured figure, and the addition of the cloak sadly restricts Robb even further. The ball jointed head can look up and down a few degrees and can move side to side but is soon stopped in its tracked by the cloak collar. The arms can move upward to almost 90 degrees from the body, and the fur pelt section of the shoulder cloak will move with the arm. The elbow joint moves neatly underneath the armour and the wrist, which is on a peg, can only really rotate rather than bend back and forth. There is a waist joint and you can move Robb's torso a few degrees to either side before the belt and sheath start to catch. Under the skirt of the tunic are double jointed knee joints, which would work with the hip articulation to give a really good range of movement. The issue is the skirt, which blocks the majority of this movement - leaving Robb's only real option for stance as a neutral one. The cloak does also make Robb over balanced to the rear, so you will be thankful of the ankle rockers and the thigh swivel to get that balance right to keep Robb upright.

Paint applications on the outfit are awesome. Despite looking all "brown" from a distance, once you start inspecting Robb up close you will see varying shades and colours with washes to bring out the detail, and on the cloak in particular some really good weathering at the base of the cloak to represent mud splashes. Buckles, clasps and buttons are all picked out neatly in bronze and the belt buckle and top of the sword sheath are painted in gold to bring out the sculpted gilding. The fur cloak is washed to bring out the depth of texture, and this same process is used on Robb's hair. My only criticism of the painting is the face. The eyes are really good, but the beard is sloppy with a smudge under the lips which ruins the face sculpt sadly.

Robb's only accessory, as we mentioned, is his broad sword which is really tight to fit in either hand. The arm articulation isn't good enough to get Robb in a 2 handed fighting stance, which is a shame. I suspect most people will simply drop the sword into the sheath for display.

I really like Robb Stark, it is already one of my favorites from the range. He looks mean, moody and captures the on screen persona really well. I guess you cant have ultimate articulation and realistic cloaks and armour, and anyone who knows me knows I favour looks over articulation and pose-ability. One negative for me is the sloppy paint on the beard - there always seems to be one bit on every GoT figure from Funko that is just lazy and spoils all the other neat and detailed paintwork. I also found getting him to stand naturally a bit frustrating with the cloak pulling him backwards, and of course Funko decided not to put peg holes in the feet to allow the use of a pegged stand. Those two minor gripes aside, I award Robb Stark a solid 4 out of 5.


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