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Review : McFarlane Stranger Things Eleven (Season 3)

Like the previous waves, the 4th wave of Stranger Things 7-inch action figures from McFarlane was just two figures. After basing the first three waves on Season 1 and having done a box set for Season 2, this fourth wave moved us on to Season 3 with new figures of Eleven and Chief Hopper.

Packaging 3/5

The Season 3 Wave 4 packaging uses the same retro blister card packaging as previous single releases, but with a significant change in colouring from black to white. There is also a layout change with the figure blister moving from left to right. This change will likely frustrate carded collectors, but the changes do feel reflective of the period of the 80's that Season 3 covers.

Like the previous carded releases, the card is designed to look worn and damaged which further adds to the retro feel. You can't open the figure without damaging the card or blister in someway. Once opened the figure is strapped into a small inner tray with tape across the accessories and stand with the figure held in with two elasticated ties.

The rear of the card is generic for both Hopper and Eleven. It shows both figures and their included accessories with no other details or text around the show or characters.

The oversticker you can see is from a UK distributor who appears to be the one shipping these to a number of the discount stores.

Paint & Sculpt 3/5

This is the third figure of Eleven that McFarlane have released, an is probably the worst likeness to date. The face is quite flat with not a lot of detail and no face print technology. While some blusher has been added to the cheeks it needs more shading around the eyes and nose to bring out the likeness. I think there is a good Millie Bobby Brown sculpt in there, it just needs releasing. If you compare this to the original Eleven from 2017, that figure is streets ahead in terms of the eye work and shading of the skin - this release is a backward step.

The outfit is the brightly coloured dress from Season 3 with an eye watering amount of patterns and colours. Mostly this is well done, but there is some significant paint rub on my figure round the back. The flesh areas are painted and like others in the line, they are quite chalky and prone to scratching.

The socks are well done and look knitted with shades of grey within them. But the trainers underneath are left plain white when there is loads of sculpted detail like laces and straps to enhance with further paint apps.

The hands included with the figure are about the strangest I have seen on a figure. I get this is something to do with her telekinetic powers, but the hands are deformed and the fingers look broken when you consider the way they are bent. Very poor.

Accessories 3/5

The first of Eleven's accessories is meant to be a Starcourt Mall shopping bag. It is cast in white plastic with the logo's added front and back with a decal of sorts. The bag is far too flat and looks more like a clipboard than a bag - it needs more volume as though it is carrying something.

The bag gets its own carrying hand which is a swap out to the left hand on the figure. The operation to change hands is delicate as McFarlane use such tiny and fragile joints. The fit is not great and if you don't get the balance of pressure to clip it in position (without breaking the joint) then hand will drop off.

Eleven is also packed with the Walkie Talkie, something included with most Stranger Things figures (I have loads now). This is cast in black with red & silver paint apps. To hold it in place there is a socket on the back that corresponds to a specially designed right hand with a plug in the palm. The hand plugs into the Walkie Talkie and is then swapped with the right hand of the figure. I am certain this is the same hand as has been included with the original Eleven and the figures of the other teenage characters.

As with all the figures to date, Eleven has a circular clear stand. The stand seems to have lost the yellow tinge previous ones suffered with. There is one peg on the stand that corresponds solely to a hole in Eleven's right foot.

The fit is tight and the stand does help support the figure. But as we will see in a short while the ankle issue still perseveres and impacts overall stability.

Articulation 2/5

Eleven has a total of 14 points of articulation. A lot of these are very exposed having fallen on the skin areas. The elbows and knees are quite unsightly.

Head : ball joint

Body : waist pivot ball joint

Arms : ball joint shoulder, single rotating elbow, wrist peg

Legs : ball joint hips, single rotating knee, ankle rocker

The arms are pretty maneuverable and represent the most options for posing. THe legs are trapped behind the skirt and are not really available to do anything other than a neutral stance. The ankle rockers, as has been an issue on other figures, are very loose and the figure has a habit of toppling forward even when on the stand.


While this is the third and latest figure of Eleven, it is not the best the range has to offer and while the outfit is well executed the face is a step backward. Articulation remains restricted and the accessories are a re-use and a very flat carrier bag that looks really odd when posed.

At a £20 RRP this figure would disappoint. It has more recently been heavily discounted - down to £10 at some retailers and at that price this is a recommended purchase.

I score the Season 3 Eleven figure a 3 out of 5.

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