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Review: McFarlane DC Multiverse Clay Face Megafig, DC Rebirth


The Megafig format from McFarlane is a series of larger figures from their various licences, usually at around a £35-£40 price point. After a number of vehicle releases in the DC Multiverse line, the Megafig's were introduced in 2021 starting with the larger figures of Steppenwolf and Darkseid from Zack Snyder's Justice League. The first comic book Megafig was Swamp Thing in late 2021, and then soon after we had the arrival of Clayface and Titan Joker in the Spring of 2022. This is my first Megafig review and I've been kindly helped by my Son who's figure this is as he is the DC Collector of the family.

The Megafig format uses an oversized version of the usual DC Multiverse window boxes. This features the black base colour with white trim and the central DC Multiverse logo on top of the character name. The back features a full image of Clayface but lacks any background information or any checklists of other releases.

Extending the box size does also reduce the overall strength as the larger window across the deeper box is a weak spot when handling the box and the window is very easily crumpled - certain an issue for boxed collectors.

Like all of the McFarlane boxed figures, the figure itself sits in a plastic tray and is tied into position. Behind this is the blue cartoon montage backdrop and onto this is glued the circular base and collectable card. Neither can be removed without damaging the packaging - a flaw for a box that is designed to be re-sealed. I also wonder how relevant the display stand is considering it's the same size as one used for a standard figure and is lost under the sheer girth of Clayface's feet.

There are no accessories or alternative parts included in the set. The big miss therefore for some would be the lack of any clay weapon hands as seen in the comics.

Clayface measures 8.5 inches both in height and in width and is a hefty piece in hand. McFarlane does appear to have maintained the lower end price-point by using hollow plastic sections for the torso and lower legs in particular. It also employs rubbery sections for the stomach and groin area that allows for the sculpt to continue in full while the joints are engineered underneath.

The figure itself is based on Clayface as he is seen in the 2016 Rebirth series. The sculpt is amazing and features an insane amount of details across the body with various faces and hands visible within the melting clay finish. There are also a number of spikes across the back and arms, while the occasional use of clay 'blisters' and 'dripping clay' just finishes off the grotesque body nicely. The head is a two-part piece that sits at the front of the torso rather than on the top - there is no defined neck. The lower jaw piece includes a protruding chin and an inner ring of teeth set back within a sculpted mouth that is exposed as the jaw opens.

The paintwork is applied over the base brown plastic and includes a darker brown wash, that brings out the details of the sculpt, as well as light brown to add more variation and definition. The eyes are painted a sickly yellow, as are the teeth with the inner mouth painted in a deep glossy red.

Clayface has 13 points of articulation, and this is certainly scaled back vs a standard figure. This is most likely a necessity due to the body type, but it is also probably another cost control measure. Due to his enormous bulk, the joints are also less than extensive in their movement with relatively little play in the knees and elbows, while the shoulders, wrists and hips are a bit wider-ranging.

Clayface should, by way of his enormous feet, stand perfectly well. But you have to factor in the weight of his upper body and relatively slim hips. If he is too far forward when posed he will fall and a shelf dive on a figure of this size and weight will do damage - make sure you have him well balanced.