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Review : Marvel Select Iron Man Mk4 and Mk6 - Iron Man 2 & Avengers Assemble (Diamond Select)

Following the release of Wolverine from the X-Men Origins film, Iron Man was released in 2010 to coincide with the release of Iron Man 2. He has the honour of being the first Marvel MCU Movie figure released in Diamond's Marvel Select range, kicking off what would become a highly sought after sub-line in 2010. I must admit that Movie Iron Man figures have been a bit of a mystery to me until recently, having seen a variety of different flavours both in the Select packaging, but also loose and from Far East sellers on eBay (more on these questionable figures in a bit) With in-depth studying (Google) my research has concluded, and please contact me if I am incorrect, that as of writing this review (June 2015) Diamond has put out 4 Movie Iron Man figures, one of which has then been released on two separate cards. The first figures from 2010, in conjunction with Iron Man 2, were the Mk6 armour, and a Mk4 armour which was exclusive to Borders. Both of these came on IM2 packaging and the series also included a Mk1 War Machine. These were all packed with a 3D scenery piece representing a door from Hammer Industries - silver in colour for the Iron Man figures and a bronze colour for War Machine. The Mk6 was later repacked in Avengers packaging. The Avengers packaging release is the more common figure, but as with most Select Movie figures the secondary prices are constantly rising. For Iron Man 3 in 2013, DST gave us the new Mk42 armour (along with a War Machine Mk2 and an Iron Patriot) and they also released a battle damaged Mk42 which was exclusive to Disney stores. These figures for IM3 were released with a scenery piece which depicted an alcove from Tony Starks Hall of Armour. The Mk42 is reviewed a little further down, but for now we will focus on the Mk4 and Mk6 Tony stands 7 and 1/4" high in this armour and in comparison to the later Mk42 is much stockier and painted in very shiny metallic finish. The detail on the armour is pretty good with the panels nicely defined and the hydraulic joints built into the joints on the figure itself - particularly visible at the elbows and the rear of the knees. Tony's face is sculpted reasonably well behind the mask which is removable by the use of two pins.This is the first downside to the figure as the mask sits nicely when up, but when down doesn't quite sit right and leaves two pretty big holes in Iron Man's head. I guess this is why they went down the alternative head route in future IM figures. Paint is nicely done, in my opinion better than the later Mk42 as it holds a much shinier metallic finish but it does lack a decent wash on the armour to bring out the detail. The paint apps on the face are a bit basic, but they pick out the eyes and beard and it's a pretty good likeness. The arc reactor isn't as bright as I would like it. On the Mk4 in isolation, the gold colour is more muted than the Mk6. This gold is used much less but has a tendency to rub very easily on the thigh panels. Articulation is limited by the armour. The head can turn but only a few degrees either way. The shoulders are on a ball joint so have full movement which is supported by the shoulder plates being on a small joint so they move with the arm. There is an elbow joint and the hands not only rotate, but can be replaced so you can have open palm or closed fist on either hand. There is a chest joint to allow a bit of side to side movement - but as with a lot of Select figures, no waist joint. The hips are articulated but don't move loads due to the armour, knees are on a pivot joint and there is the same on the ankles - but not the rocker joints seen on future models. Because of the details DS have sculpted into the hips and the panels around the joint the figure can't really achieve any stance other than a "feet together" neutral pose which can look a bit odd when you consider the wider stance that IM takes in the movies. DST resolved this issue in the later Mk42 by slimming down the joint - but this is where the argument between looks and articulation kicks in. It is also worth mentioning the two flaps on the rear of the suit which are articulated on a small ball joint - but are prone to dropping off. The figure comes packed with a 4 piece background display which represents a piece of Hammer Industries. Once assembled the base has a peg onto which Ironman can be placed. Unlike a number of MS backgrounds, this one is very functional and although a bit plain in terms of mould and finish, it does make the figure look great in a display. This was essentially the figure that started off the Movie Select Line, so when reviewing it we have to consider this is now 5 years old. The paint finish is great and adds a real shine to the figure, particularly the Mk6, which is missing on the later version. The articulation is enough, but not dynamic enough to get Tony into many poses other than a neutral stance. The downsides are the face plate, I would have preferred an alternative head, and there are parts that are included that in my opinion are unnecessary (rear flight flaps). As the Mk4 and Mk6 are essentially the same figure, with a tweaked chest piece and paint variants I a going to mark them together. I am going to give Tony a bit of kudos as the start of this range and up him to a 3 rather than a 2. Please note that the first Mk6 I bought turned out to be a fake from the far east which used the same mould but the plastic and paint was much lower quality. The fakes can be identified by the flat black paint on the biceps and knees which are a metallic colour on the genuine model. The gallery below includes the genuine and fake Mk6 so you can compare differences. Worth looking closely at any you are thinking of buying before parting with the cash.

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