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Review : Marvel Select Hulk - Avengers Assemble (Diamond Select)

Over the years Diamond have put out a number of different versions of The Hulk, from the Grey Ultimate Hulk to the more traditional green versions. In 2012, and as part of a series of figures from Avengers Assemble, DST released a movie hulk. Hulk is a big piece of plastic, standing 10" high and coming in around 6" across. Like many DST oversize figures he is pretty heavy, but is supplied without the usual base/accessories you would see in the normal size figures. Due to the way DST pack their select figures, Hulk arrives in the same sized box and therefore fits perfectly into any MOC collection. Once unpacked you can start to appreciate the sculpt on this hulk. From the giant veined feet through to the 6-pack and bulging arm muscles the body captures Hulk, albeit a little under-defined (but that could be the paint job). The trousers are a bit plain, but do their job and are sculpted around the knee joints. The head and hair is also nicely sculpted BUT they didn't pick a particularly good look. Whilst trying to capture the Hulk snarl, they kind of lost the figure a little and left hulk with a kind of half smile, part snarl and part showing the dentist his gnashers. Onto paint, and another mark off for this figure as he is very one tone of green - and the green is probably a little too dark for Hulk, and particularly for Hulk as a 10" figure. The upcoming Age of Ultron repaint looks to have got the skin tone and more depth of detail - so we look forward to that. Hulks pants are a flat grey and there is some bleed into the knees. The toes nails are painted and there is also decent detail on the teeth, lips and eyes. The hair is a bit flat too, painted one shade of near black. Articulation is pretty good considering the bulk of the figure. The head is ball jointed and can look, to a degree, up down and side to side. The shoulders are jointed to allow the arms to go out 90 degrees to the body, and they also swivel to allow hulk to raise the arms above his head ready to SMASH. Further down the elbows are jointed and their is swivel in the wrist The torso is jointed, so Hulk can swivel at the chest. But there is no waist articulation. The hips can move, but dont really move particularly far and that means Hulk is pretty much limited to a neutral stance. The knees bend, and thankfully there are rocker joints on the ankles to allow Hulk's feet to be planted flatly and keep him pretty stable. This is not the perfect movie Hulk, and looking at it neither is the AoU version - although this 2015 update will be a significant improvement. Hulk is not a bad figure by any means, but he has the potential to be so much better with a slicker paint job and a re-sculpted head. He looks great in any display, coming into his own towering over the usual 7" scale figures in either an Avengers setup or battling against Chitauri or Loki. Hulk weighs in with a 3 out of 5, and it will be interesting to see if the AoU update is tweaked enough to get up to a 4 when I have it in hand. I also look forward to posing Hulk with the upcoming Widow figure.