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Review : Marvel Select, Amazing Spider-man 2 (Diamond Select)

Spiderman (The Amazing Spiderman 2)

Although not an Avenger as such, a movie Spiderman was always on the shopping list for the Marvel display. Diamond have put out a number of Spiderman figures in the Select range so far, including both comic versions and one from the Amazing Spiderman.

However, I have held on for this new version from Amazing Spiderman 2, touted as the ultimate Spiderman figure.

Upon arrival the figure is in its usual oversized collectors packaging from Diamond with some lovely artwork on the side and rear panels.

The first key difference between this figure and other Select figures is the lack of any base/display piece - this is fine by me as I never use these anyway (update : Diamond have since re-released this figure with the wall display piece previously released in their original Amazing Spiderman). Diamond have obviously counter acted the inclusion of a base with a wealth of accessories. The first of these are the Fireman helmet and hose as seen in the film.

Alongside the fireman gear are a wealth of hands - and this is wear I began to lose the plot. Spidey comes with open palm hands attached, and there are also web shooting hands - with removable webs. I get these. Then there are 3 different pairs of fists, one of which is designed to hold the lengths of web - but the other 2 confuse me as surely Spidey only needs the option for one clenched fists?

Then there are the lengths of web which are meant to allow you to hang Spidey from a wall / shelf etc. Now these webs are well done and link together nicely and attach to Spidey's hand. The issue is there is then nothing to attach them to the said wall/shelf etc. I can probably work something out - but I don't think it would have hurt putting some kind of clamp or sucker in the pack?

Spidey himself is then also a bit of a let down. First, mine has a very loose right leg which results in him doing the splits quite often. The articulation is then not quite there for the type of poses you would put Spidey in. For example the regular crouched position can be achieved but as the neck articulation is limited - Spidey simply looks at the floor.

The leg issue was fixed with sticking Spidey on a Neca stand and I have gone with a pretty neutral pose and Spidey is now sat alongside Cpt America and Hulk.

All in all this figure promised much but didn't quite deliver. Had he not been touted as being able to swing from his webs or be more pose-able I wouldn't have been too bothered as he is actually the same as any other Select figure I have ever bought. The issue here is too much hype.