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Review : Marvel Legends Wolverine, X-Men 20th Anniversary Amazon Exclusive (X-Men Origins Wolverine)

2020 is the 20th Anniversary of the first X-Men movie from Fox. It also falls at a time where Disney have completed the acquisition of Fox, and where whatever restrictions used to apply on making X-Men movie merchandise appear to have eased. At Toy Fair 2020 in February, Hasbro announced a new line of X-Men movie figures to celebrate the 20th Anniversary. The line would mix single releases with two packs with figures taken from the full X-Men universe, including the Deadpool movies. Wolverine, in his iconic white shirt, is an Amazon global exclusive

Packaging 4.5

The 2020 X-Men Marvel Legends figures, including both movie and comic releases, are packed in a squared off box rather than the usual scooped side Marvel Legends packaging. We see a move away from the usual lack base colour for the packaging with these releases, with Wolverine arriving in a very striking brushed steel blue type box with yellow cardback behind the figure. A large X logo sits bottom left, partially cut into the window. To the right is the character name in large bold font. The Marvel Legends logo sits on the top right.

The back of the box is a bold variation to the usual Legends with the whole box reverse taken up with a silhouette image of Wolverine highlighted by some blue light against the blue grey box colour and with some parts like his claws picked out in white. The same illustrations are repeated on th two side spines. The character name sits alongside this.... and nothing else other than the warning text and a Marvel and Hasbro logo. The look is striking and you could almost display the box on the reverse. But it feels a missed opportunity to have a 20th Anniversary line and to miss out any background info or history about the character or the movies themselves?

The figure opens via the top or bottom flap and slides out in the inner tray. The cardboard surround that makes up the cardback includes another X logo in black and is a good contrast to the White and Blue of Wolverine. The figure is held in by the shape of the inner tray, there are no twisty ties or bands. The claws are however taped into place.

Paint & Sculpt 5.0

The likeness on the initial head for Wolverine is exceptional, This is Hugh Jackman in miniature both in the facial sculpt but then enhanced by the face print technology with the texture of the face and those intense green eyes. The hair is done brilliantly too with the swept back and up look at either side and the sideburns, the hair is shaded so the front and outer hair is a lighter brown to the back.

The second head is sculpted with Wolverine with bared teeth and angry. This is less of a spot on likeness, and I can't quite put my finger on why. From some angles its perfect, from others it looks slightly off - particularly from the sides. The face print is just as well executed, although the red for the lips may be slightly too dark and the darker colouring round the eyes looks a bit like eyeliner. The two heads pop on and off OK, although on my figure the angry head is quite tricky to seat on the figure.

The outfit is the one we see in X-Men Origins with the white wife beater shirt cast in a white plastic and with a slight ribbed texture built into the cast. The arms are suitably muscular and the articulation is built into the arms extremely well using he new pinless joints, the final result is impressive considering he has so many joints on a bare armed sculpt. The only gripe with the torso is a bit of flesh paint bleed onto the shirt on the straps.

The legs are a jean finish painted blue and then washed over the top. Boots are painted plain brown and the belt black with a gold emblem which itself is detailed and clear to see as a Native American with headdress. There is another minor paint error here on my figure with a splodge of gold on the black of the belt

Accessories 5.0

Wolverine comes with two pairs of clawed hands - one adamantium and the other with his original bone claws. There are no standard hands included for an alternative to claws out on both hands - something we usually get with comic book figures of Wolverine. The hands clip in and out easily enough and the skin tone is a good match to the arms.

The bone claws are really well done with a nobbled bone effect, painted in off white and then washed with a darker bone brown. The adamantium claws are smooth and well shaped and painted in a metallic silver. Neither set of claws show any signs of warping, but they are a softer plastic for safety reasons which will leave them open to bending. Each claw is a seperate piece slotted into the fist like the comic Wolverine, that does mean they can pop out. I almost lost a bone claw removing Wolverine from the box.

The dog tag is also an individual piece that can be removed if you wish, and therefore would class as an accessory. It is cast in a silver plastic, and is cast in almost a segmented chain effect that makes it quite flexible and allows it to sit neatly and naturally against Logan's chest during posing. There are no other paint apps but to be honest, it doesn't need any.

Articulation 5.0

Wolverine has an articulation count of 21, coming with the top end level of articulation for Marvel Legends inclusive of the waist and chest joints and butterfly shoulders

Head : ball joint neck

Body : torso t-joint, waist swivel

Arms : butterfly shoulder, ball joint shoulder, bicep swivel, double joint elbow, wrist pivot

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double joint knee, ankle rocker

Wolverine is fluid in most poses and can flex his arms out to the side, or cross his claws in front of his face thanks to the double joint elbows and butterfly shoulder joints.

He can also kneel and crouch with the chest ab crunch working to ensure these poses are more natural and in line with the way a body would shape in such positions. Each joint is tight and secure and Wolverine stands fine in most positions, he can also drop onto a stand for more dynamic posing


Wolverine represents something new and exciting for the Marvel Legends line, finally allowing collectors to put Fox X-Men movie figures into their display alongside the MCU and comic book figures as they deem fit. If Logan is representative of the line as whole, then we are in for a real treat!

Logan boasts one wonderful head sculpt, and a second more emotive one, both well sculpted and painted/printed. The body is well proportioned for Hugh Jackman and the articulation well executed across the body with a wide ranging choice of posing options. Both sets of claws are well done, and even the dog tag accessory is a step up on normal with the way they have segmented the chain.

I can find just a smidge of issues with the figure - a couple of factory paint errors that we see on most mass produced figures, and a lack of standard hands if you wanted a more neutral looking Wolverine. Aside for this the only issue will be the fact it is an Amazon exclusive - availability and the quality of the packaging when shipped will be a concern, with that wonderful box often dinged and dented b the time it arrives in an Amazon Jiffy Bag (that is how mine arrived).

I can't see any reason why the Fox X-Men 20th Anniversary Wolverine should not hit top marks and score a total of 5.0. Well done Hasbro!

Order here from Amazon UK or Amazon US

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Figure Hacks

For those wondering, I can also confirm that the Logan heads are a pretty standard fitting and will transplant onto other Marvel Legends figure with a corresponding pegs. Here are a few I tried with other Marvel Legends to hand....

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