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Review : Marvel Legends Spider-Man Stealth Suit, Spider-Man : Far from Home

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

The Stealth Suit Spider-Man from Far from Home was released as part of the Far from Home wave of Marvel Legends. This was a standard combination wave of 7 figures, three from the movie and 4 from the comic book series. Six figures from the wave included parts to build a 4th MCU figure, Molten Man.

The figure was repacked in September 2019 in a slimline repacked wave, the alternative head was not included in this release.

Packaging 3/5

The packaging for Stealth Suit Spidey remains reasonably consistent with the previous Homecoming releases. There is the red character name bar, although the text has changed from white to black. The figure backing is a light blue and this time round it is made up of a white Spider logo that blurs out to a blue pattern consistent with the Spider Suit.

The side images are against another light blue backdrop and show Stealth Spider-Man in a knee raised leaping pose. With the other leg cut out of the image it doesn't quite work.

Round the back we have the usual checklist for the BAF, Molten Man. The same image as the side panels is used, although this time mirrored alongside a very brief piece of text.

"Peter Parker gears up in an upgraded suit to take on new challenges and new enemies"

Paint & Sculpt 3/5

This is what seems to be a whole new sculpt for this new 2019 Stealth Suit. The head is textured, almost like a balaclava ribbing with the goggles very much like a night vision head set over the top. Only the eye lens are painted in a bright silver.

The second head exposes the actual eyes of Peter by raising up the lens. The eyes underneath are well painted although they are not the quality we normally see from the face print and have returned to being hand painted with a brown iris on white with a thick black line above for the eyelid.

The suit and body is well proportioned and is cast entirely in black plastic. While there are no paint apps there are some variations of finish between parts with some glossier elements around the wrists, elbows and feet. The flesh tone of the hands are painted on top of black as Spidey is wearing fingerless gloves. These are a little haphazard and quite dull and dirty with such a light colour going on top of a black base.

Accessories 2/5

Spider-Man comes with the alternative head as we've mentioned and also two alternative hands in the usual Web slinging pose. These snap in and out easily. Like the clenched hands the fingers are painted in flesh colour over a black base and do look a bit dark/dirty and in places not quite crisp enough to what would be the lines of the glove.

Spidey of course rarely comes with accessories in any form. It would however be interesting to see Hasbro take the theme of FX parts and try some web firing pieces for a future MCU Spider-Man.

Articulation 5/5

While Stealth Spidey has been a little disappointing so far, the articulation on this thing really steps it up a few notches. He comes in with a mighty impressive (some may say Amazing) 21 points of articulation

Head : ball joint and pivot neck

Body : T-joint pivot chest, waist swivel

Arms : Butterfly Shoulders, Ball Joint Shoulders, Bicep Swivel, Double jointed elbows, pivot wrists

Legs : Ball Joint Hips, Thigh Swivel, Double Jointed Knees, Ankle Rockers

Being so slim and with no capes or amour, Spider-Man is a joy to pose and can crouch, kneel or throw punches and webs to your heart's content.

He is a little little trickier to stand than some figures being quite slim. You have to balance him on those rockers correctly - but once he is is stood there are no weak or floppy joints to bring him back down again.


I was really looking forward to Stealth Spider-Man, prioritising him over the other Far from Home red & black suited release. In hand he is a little underwhelming. While the articulation is exceptional, the finish of the figure is dull and a little messy in the places where they have added paint like the hands and those exposed eyes on the alternative head.

I score the Spider-Man Stealth Suit from Far from Home an above average 3 out of 5.

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