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Review: Marvel Legends Ronin, Hawkeye Disney+ (Walmart (US) / Fan Channel Exclusive)

The original MCU Ronin figure was released in 2019 as part of the Avengers: Endgame launch and part of the Armoured Thanos BAF wave. In 2023 Hasbro have re-released the figure - with tweaks - under the Hawkeye Disney+ banner this time around. The figure comes in plastic-free packaging carrying the Hawkeye logo and artwork on all four sides depicting the figure, and the Ronin suit.

The figure is pretty much everything we got the first time around with a black cast body with a rubberised black overcoat all with painted gold trim on the appropriate sections including the shoulder of the coat, the gauntlets and the knees & lower legs. The coat piece is removable via plug & socket connectors on Hawkeye's right side. The torso underneath looks sculpted - but knowing how hard these coats can be to reposition, this is not an option I explored fully.

The 2023 version does come with an unmasked Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner, head which was not included originally. This is an all-new sculpt and judging by the hairstyle is based on the Endgame look specifically and not Hawkeye - making this more of a ‘flashback’ figure and perfectly suitable for an Avengers: Endgame display.

The head is new rather than re-using the Quantum Suit version, and is the best Hawkeye head to date, although it didn't have much to compete against considering the limited number of Renner figures released despite his numerous MCU appearances.

The over-shoulder strap and sheath arrives separate in the pack and connects across the torso with one of those fiddly rubbery plug-and-socket affairs. While it is fitted with four holes for varying sizes, it is only really the top one that works with the width of the chest. You do also get the masked head and the two hood variants from the original release. The masked head uses photo-real printed tech for the eyes, and they are crisper this time around. The two hood pieces are a rubbery finish and both sit perfectly well over either head but do clash slightly with the strap of the holster.

As an older release the figure is still pinned for the double-jointed knees and elbows, but this is not overly obvious considering the black costume. Ronin has 19 points of articulation and that includes a waist swivel and T-joint torso hidden under that coat. The figure has plenty of posing options available, including the ability to kneel and wield any of the included accessories.

Those accessories include the two swords as seen on the first release. In Endgame, Ronin only utilised one sword and the inclusion of two from Hasbro may have been based on an early concept. Rather than correct this, Hasbro has chosen to include both long and short versions giving us the choice of which to use. Both swords fit in either hand and can be sheathed over the shoulder - you can even squeeze both into the sheath if you wish. Hawkeye has also been given his bow, the same one that was released with his initial Hawkeye Disney+ figure. This is made of quite hard plastic and has a plastic string so there is no ‘drawing’ options as such - and with no arrows at all included in the set, this would be an odd look.

The 2023 Ronin figure is an Exclusive release, being sold by Walmart in the US and via the Fan Channel elsewhere. Unlike other exclusives, the price had been held at the now standard £24.99 RRP for a Marvel Legends figure with some independents offering a below RRP price - so it’s worth shopping around. For that price you are getting a decent amount of content with an improved Ronin figure thanks to the addition of the unmasked head, and for the bow - although Hasbro really do need to sort out a better way of executing bow accessories for their archers. The fact that this also works as both an Endgame and Hawkeye Disney+ release also works in its favour and considering the slim pickings to date for MCU Hawkeye figures - this is definitely the best to date, even if it is his less-than-conventional look.

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