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Review : Marvel Legends Pepper Potts Rescue (Mk49), Avengers Endgame

Pepper Potts, in her Mk49 Rescue armour, is part of the 2nd Avengers Endgame wave of 2019. The wave includes MCU figures of Shuri and the new War Machine and a Build-a-figure of Hulk from the 2019 Endgame movie. The seven figure wave is completed with comic book figures of Rock Python, Union Jack, Beta Ray Bill and Loki.

Packaging 3/5

The packaging for Rescue remains the same as the previous MCU figures from the first Avengers 2019 wave, with a blue theme throughout. The logo still does not carry the Endgame name, but is simply Avengers in a dark blue fading to purple.

The side and reverse art and not overly impressive and Rescue looks more like an animated design. As usual sat to the left of the rear artwork is a short piece of background text. The text is brief as per the norm, but is not at all representative of Pepper's use of the Rescue suit from Endgame.

"From CEO of Stark Industries to powered by Stark Tech, Pepper Potts protects world order in her own Rescue Suit designed by Tony Stark"

Paint & Sculpt 4/5

The sculpt for Rescue is, in the main, good with the body cast in a metallic blue and the gold, silver and blue details painted over the top. The body shape is pretty accurate to what we see on screen, although the neck seems elongated and the head can look high from some angles.

The paint, where applied, is neat with no obvious issues. There is also some very good decals applied on the two wrists - reading Stark Industries - and on the back pack where we have the word "Rescue" and the confirmation this is the Mk49 armour.

Accessories 5/5

I am grouping the backpack pieces as accessories for this review as there are two of them supplied. Rather than go for an opening set of panels and vents on Rescue for flight mode, Hasbro have taken the step - similar to Wasp - of including two rear back pieces. Both of these slot in via a plug on the backpack and a hole on the reverse of the figure.

The closed set is still cast in blue plastic, like the body, with gold and silver details added as well as a decal for RESCUE and the suit number 0049.

The open set is similarly cast in blue metallic and now all four flight flaps are open. Underneath is a silver grill like design with darker grey inserts. The open panels remain painted with gold and silver on top of the blue and the RESCUE and 0049 are still visible. Swapping these and slotting them in place is easy and they are both well shaped to align with the body.

While it would have been nice to include some alternative repulsor firing hands and FX pieces for Pepper, that is probably a little greedy. If you are thinking of using existing FX pieces from the various MCU Iron-Man figures then be advised that Rescue has two differing size foot holes for some reason, and the FX will only fit into the right foot.

Articulation 4/5

Pepper Potts takes the female body articulation for an MCU figure to the next level with 18 points of articulation in total, two more than a standard female body

Head - ball joint with pivot

Body - torso ball joint

Arms - ball joint shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, pivot wrist

Legs - ball joint hips, thigh swivel, single joint knee, ankle rocker

The double jointed elbows make a huge difference to arm posing, although the armour panels on the shoulder do stop full movement as they lock when raised so far. There is a similar issue with the wrist as the armour extends over the wrist joint. The hand can still rotate, but the pivot is blocked in certain positions.

Due to the way that Hasbro tackles Iron-Man armoured legs, Pepper does stand a bit bow legged and the legs themselves are quite loose. This does make for some awkward and less than stable poses in a standing position. This is made more difficult by some very stuck ankle rockers on arrival that will need some heat to free them. However, putting those issues aside, Rescue really comes into her own when placed on a flight stand with the open flap backpack in place.


While this is not the first Pepper Potts figure in the Legends line, it is much better than the Iron-Man 3 version, putting Pepper in full armour and not just one of Tony's suits. The paint job is comparable to any other MCU Iron-Man figure to date by Hasbro and is actually more impressive in terms of the decals which are similar to what we've seen on War Machine.

It is also great to see double jointed elbows and 18 points of articulation on a female MCU figure, although I suspect this was only possible as this is an armoured figure. Sadly, the legs are loose and Rescue looks awkward and isn't overly stable when stood. She looks more impressive on a flight stand.

I score the Avengers Endgame Pepper Potts as Rescue a 4 out of 5.

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