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Review: Marvel Legends Nick Fury from Secret Invasion, Hydra Stomper BAF Wave

"I Never Cared Much For Golf, So I'm Thinking I May Take Up Revenge..."

Despite his integral role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Phase 1, Nick Fury has only had two Marvel Legends MCU releases prior to 2023. These were a 2015 exclusive as part of an S.H.I.E.L.D three-pack, and the de-aged Fury from Captain Marvel in 2019. His key role in the 2023 Secret Invasion series on Disney+ has now provided Nick with a third figure. It was released as part of the Hydra Stomper BAF wave which itself included figures from Hawkeye, WandaVision, Secret Invasion, and Marvel’s What If?

The Secret Invasion Fury was a plastic-free release so arrived in a fully enclosed box with artwork on the front, sides, and rear of the figure and contents. The BAF checklist moved to the left-hand spine with Fury coming with the Stomper’s left leg. 

The figure is designed to replicate Nick Fury’s outfit towards the back end of the Secret Invasion series where he dons his iconic eye patch and long coat before heading off to the face the Skrulls. This is achieved with a lot of re-used parts with the arms and legs taken from the original Captain Marvel Fury with what appears to be an updated torso with a roll-neck top. Over all of this sits a long coat, buttoned up and reaching down past Fury’s knees. Everything is cast in black plastic with zero paint apps anywhere on the body - not even on the coat buttons. Variation is created with the finish, gloss on the shoes, and a duller matt on the coat vs the trousers.

The head is a new sculpt and is a strong likeness to Samuel L. Jackson, but not quite reaching the levels we’ve seen on a handful of other MCU figures recently like Scarlet Witch or some of the Spider-Man No Way Home releases like Doc Ock and Norman Osborn. We also get Nick’s wooly hat as a removable piece giving the figure a couple of variant looks depending on your preference. The fit on the hat is excellent thanks to Nick’s bald head.

The articulation on our 2023 figure is not pinless thanks to the re-used parts, so you do see pegs on the arms and legs although the latter is hidden behind the coat. We have 18 points of articulation in total with double joints at knees and elbows. The coat is a very hard plastic and renders much of the leg articulation useless. The legs too suffer from the same posing frustrations as the previous Fury figure with the ankle pivot not quite flattening enough against the trouser legs to get a flat-footed stance. Our Secret Invasion Nick has the same tendency to fall backward as his Captain Marvel version, and most other suited figures in the Legends series. 

Accessories include a pair of pistols, one with a silencer, cast in black plastic with no additional detailing or paintwork. These fit in either hand, both left and right are given trigger finger options. The guns are given a more dynamic look thanks to the included effects pieces allowing you to add either a red translucent muzzle flash to the gun or a milky white smoke effect. You get two of each and despite the small size, the fit into the gun barrel is quite secure. 

Secret Invasion Nick Fury is a middle-of-the-road release for the MCU Legends collector. It does a job, without doing anything spectacular. The level of accessories is good considering the inclusion of a BAF part as well, and I do like the effect pieces and how they work with the relatively plain guns to create a more dynamic display. Posing options are limited, but there is enough to work with, I just found the feet positioning another challenge as I have with most of the suited figures to date. There are certainly options here also with this figure for a more iconic Infinity Saga ‘Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury we have all been waiting for, and let’s hope that we don’t have too long to wait until that makes its way into the line.

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