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Review : Marvel Legends Mantis (BAF), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Welcome to our review of Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Mantis is a BAF (Build-a-Figure) and she was split out across the 2nd wave of Guardians 2 figures in early 2017. Mantis was made up of 6 parts spread with pieces included in the MCU figures of Gamora, Nebula, Star-Lord and Rocket. The final two pieces were in comic book based figures of Ex Nihilo and Adam Warlock.

Packaging N/A

As a Build-a-Figure, Mantis does not have dedicated packaging as such only a slot in each of the 6 figures shown below

Sculpt & Paint 3/5

Once assembled, Mantis is a great looking figure until you start to inspect a little closer. While the head sculpt is a good match to what we saw on screen, it doesn't employ the face print technology and is quite roughly painted around the eyes. The skin texture is one tone up through the two antenna. The hair is then a separate piece, and again is one colour having been cast in the black plastic.

Mantis' outfit is well executed with the green metallic sections very bright and a good contrast against the rest of the figure. Everything else is cast in black plastic with the trimming in the same green down each leg and onto the boots. It is all done veyr neatly, but essentially the whole outfit is simply one colour on top of black cast plastic.

Articulation 4/5

Mantis breaks tradition with most female Marvel Legends figures boasting 20 points of articulation in total - although when you start to pose here the extra ones don't add too much mobility. The head is a ball joint, as is the torso. Both of these rotate and have some forward and back motion also. The arms are ball jointed at the shoulders for full movement, and we then have a bicep swivel where the sleeves meet the bare skin near the shoulders. The elbow also rotates, but is still a single joint which can't quite bend to 90 degrees.

The hips are ball jointed too with a thigh swivel underneath. The knees are double jointed which drives an impressive level of leg options. You then by default get extra joints where the boots meet the legs as these also rotate. We finish with ankle rockers, and despite her slim frame and heels - Mantis stands very well

Accessories N/A

There are no accessories included with Mantis


Mantis is a build-a-figure that many overlooked initially and who is now getting a resurgence after her role in Avengers Infinity War. While her popularity is one thing the figures itself is decidedly average in most areas with a scruffy paint job on the head and basic colouring on the outfit. She certainly can't compete on polished looks with say Gamora or even Nebula from the same wave. Articulation is better than normal, with a couple of extra swivels here and there. Sadly the elbow remains single jointed, a joint that holds back a lot of posing on female figures.

I suspect we will get an improved Mantis at some point, probably using this sculpt and improved decor, but for now this figure gets a just above average rating of 3/5

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