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Review: Marvel Legends Makkari, The Eternals

Updated: Jan 14, 2022


Marvel's Eternals hit movie screens in November 2021 after a number of delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To mark the movie, Hasbro released a wave of Eternals figures - and in quite an unusual move the entire 7-figure wave was made up of MCU Eternals characters, with an 8th included as the build-a-figure. This meant that coupled with the two exclusives of Thena and Ajax - the entire ensemble was released in 6-inch format ahead of the movie hitting screens.

Makkari arrives in the standard Legends box with a card back that transitions from a blue sky to what looks like a sandstorm, with some ancient symbol weaved into the backdrop. As we've seen with other MCU releases this year, Hasbro are adding a symbol to the two side panels sitting under the artwork and related to the movie. For Eternals, this is a large and slightly ornate 'E' in a golden yellow circle. Around the rear of the box we find a repeat of the Makkari illustration, the checklist for Gilgamesh the build-a-figure, and the briefest, and slightly spoilery, background text - confirming Makkari's powers ahead of the film's debut for those who picked up the wave early.

"Makkari uses her cosmetically powered super-speed to scout planets and as the only deaf Eternal, she is not affected by the sonic boom that accompanies her cosmic running"

Makkari includes a single head that is a good likeness to actor Lauren Ridloff. The facial sculpt includes the slightest of smirks on Makkari's face and is enhanced with the now-standard photo-real decor.

The hair is an added piece and includes a large flowing tied-back section. In the movie, Makkari is seen with a single braid for much of the film and would have been my preferred look - but I appreciate the figure was sculpted based on early concepts and designs.

While based on early designs, the actual outfit is more or less screen accurate and is a mix of red cast parts and silver painted detail over a very intricate sculpt that flows from the central symbol at the top of the torso and flows off in lines and panels throughout the body. The silver-painted parts are done in a slightly deeper silver - almost a gunmetal - that is in keeping with the character's look on screen and stops the whole thing from looking too bright and shiny. There are unfortunately some paint issues on the lower legs with the thigh panels misaligned with the silver over the thigh sections.

Makkari's robes that flow behind her in a skirt section are added in a rubbery plastic and wrapped around the mid-section so there are no obvious joints in the outfit, and the robes flow out from the torso articulation. Despite some similar aesthetics between all the Eternals costumes, there is no obvious re-use on Makkari from the Sersi, Thena, or Ajak figures.

The Eternals wave as a whole has limited accessories included and Makkari comes with a single alternative pair of clenched fist hands. Makkari arrives with a left hand with an open palm, and a right hand that is sculpted into the ASL gesture for 'I Love You'.

These hand options, therefore, give you several combinations for her in terms of preparing to fight off a Deviant, using sign language to communicate with the other Eternals, or perhaps just to tell Druig how she feels.

Articulation is a little bit disappointing with just 16 points of articulation for Makkari and still the use of single jointed elbows and no bicep cut on a MCU female figure - despite Shriek from the same wave including the improved arm articulation on a very similar frame. The arms are fairly wide-ranging in their movement but would have benefitted from that ability to bend in on themselves that is executed via a double joint elbow.

The legs are slightly obstructed by the flow of the lower robes, but Makkari is still capable of a running pose with the right aftermarket stand. In standard poses, Makkari stands fine on her own.

The Eternals wave of Marvel Legends, and in this case Makkari as an individual figure, have not as yet been overly well received and some 3-months after release are still on sale and discounted in a number of retailers. It is a shame as the figures are well designed and executed with a good likeness to the actor and limited issues in terms of on-screen accuracy that often plagues MCU figures released ahead of the movie. The recent addition to Disney+ may see interest increase and I for one can't wait to complete the full-wave and recreate the movie poster with all 10 Eternals posed and ready to battle the Deviants.

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