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Review : Marvel Legends Deadpool, Deadpool 2

In 2020, Hasbro released their first Marvel Legends from the Fox Marvel Movie Universe. The figures celebrated 20 years of the X-Men Universe and alongside a number of X-Men releases were four figures from Deadpool 2. Cable and Domino were single release figures, while Deadpool was packed with Negasonic Teenage Warhead in a two pack.

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The X-Men movie figures do not subscribe to the usual Marvel Legends packaging design and instead are in rectangular squared off boxes. The Deadpool figures use a red base colour (obviously) with the figures set against a light grey backdrop in the window. An X-Men logo is built into this cardback.

In true Deadpool style, the box is covered in Deadpool scrawl with the real names of the two character crossed out and Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead scrawled next to them. The X-Men logo to the bottom corner - and on top of the box - has an oversticker of the Deadpool logo over them, complete with a crease where it has been put on out of line.

Rather than utilise character art on the side spines, the X-Men set use very impactful silhouette images with Negasonic on the right hand side and Deadpool on the left. These images are repeated on the reverse. There is no background text or checklist of other releases, which does leave the back and sides very samey in terms of design.


Deadpool is a full new sculpt to recreate his suit from the end of Deadpool and into Deadpool 2. The head is always critical in how Deadpool is portrayed and the sculptors have done a great job in both proportion but also to capture that essence of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool and how he manage to express via those white eyes and the shaping of the nose/mouth under the mask.

The body is well executed with the proportions a good match to the Reynold Deadpool. The bulk of the suit cast in a textured red complete with sculpted scratches, dings and creases where you would expect a suit to crease around the joints. The other areas are either cast in black or painted in black over the red - and that does lead to some slight paint wobbles on the upper arms and the knee pads.

Deadpool has his brown leather belt, complete with Deadpool symbol on the clasp. A strap leads up over the left shoulder and holds a shoulder pad/armour piece in place. On the back we have a twin pair of sheaths for the Katana's. And on the hips a pair of guns in holsters. These are sadly sculpted into place and cannot be removed and this seems odd considering how often we see working holsters on Hasbro products? This decision is further compounded considering a smaller knife holster is in place on the left shin and this is ready to accept the knife accessory we shall see shortly.


While Negasonic Teenage Warhead was a little light on accessories, Deadpool gets a whole raft of parts to adjust and amend his look.

We start with hand options which include a pair of trigger hands for guns, a pair of gripping hands for swords and knife, a pair of fists and a pair of open hands. Each are cast in black plastic and the gripping hands have a silver panel painted on the reverse - I am not sure why this is not done on the fists or gripping hands as they are sculpted with the panel - just not painted.

The hands swap in and out easily and with a clear click as each hand is engaged into the forearm.

The knife accessory is relatively simple, but nicely shaped with a blade and handle, the latter painted up in silver. The knife fits into either of the gripping hands, and when not in use it slots neatly into the lower leg holster and holds in place well without being so tight the paint is at risk of rubbing.

Deadpool not only has sculpted handguns in his holsters, he is supplied with a pair as well. These are not the most detailed of guns, with pretty plain design across the black sculpted plastic. They fit into the trigger hands, with a trigger finger slotting into place.

The issue with these is that Deadpool looks slightly off wielding his guns, while his guns are still in the holster. Considering all the working holsters Hasbro have done on Legends and Black Series, why on earth this decision was reached I cannot fathom and I hope any future movie Deadpool figures have this oversight corrected.

Deadpool's Katanas are also included and come with curved blade painted in silver and a textured handle in black. The gripping hands are used to wield the swords with the ability to have a sword in each hand, or to use the articulation to get a two handed sword pose.

When not in use, the sheaths on the back of the figure do work so the swords slide into place smoothly. Again, not too tight that the paint might rub, but not loose enough that they will fall out.

The final accessory is Deadpool's stuffed Unicorn, which is a bit of a fun inclusion and a nod to the movie without going too far into R rating territory. It is cast in white plastic with painted blue eyes and a gold horn.

Deadpool can hold and stroke the Unicorn if that is something you want on your shelf. Otherwise I suspect this may go in the bits box.

So we have a great sculpt, a good level of accessories, and all Deadpool needs now is a good level of articulation. The figure does not disappoint in this area either with 22 points of articulation in total.

Head : ball joint neck base, ball joint neck top

Body : T-joint torso joint, waist swivel

Arms : butterfly shoulders, ball joint shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, wrist pivot

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, ankle rocker

Deadpool is so fun to pose with all those joints working in combination to most poses you would want and expect from a movie Deadpool. The head adds a lot of context to each pose and with the neck articulation - particularly at the top of the neck as the base is a little hemmed in - you can tilt Deadpool's head as he does on screen.

Torso and waist joints work well, with the ability to rotate the torso and to bend forward and backwards, although this movement is heavily ratcheted so the positioning is driven more by the internal workings as each notch turn and locks into place.

The arms have full motion with the ability to point his guns, draw and wield his swords or simply put up a good fist fight. The butterfly shoulders, while subtle, make a big difference in terms of gun firing position and the ability to wield the katanas in two hands if you wish. To support the aesthetics an in another new development from Hasbro for 2020, the elbow joints are pinless.

Legs can kneel and sit as required and all the leg joints are snug and secure to keep Deadpool standing and posed without issue. I would struggle to offer any improvements to the joints and articulation on this figure.


Deadpool as a character is hugely popular, and after so long without Fox movie figures in the Marvel Legends line it seems almost surreal that I can now pose a movie accurate Ryan Reynolds Deadpool alongside Captain America and Iron-Man.

Deadpool does everything you want a Legends figure to do. He looks the part, comes with all the accessories you'd expect - and a Unicorn you perhaps wouldn't - and articulates brilliantly and if this is the new normal for Legends figures then we have some impressive figures to come.

The packaging is "very" Deadpool and that is a style that may not appeal to everyone in terms of boxed collectors. There is also repetition with those brilliant silhouette images shown on the sides and the reverse of the box vs some form of movie reference on the back in terms of a poster or blurb (or both).

Deadpool is pushing for top marks, but I would say that the decision on the sculpted guns in the holsters is a poor one and had we got Deadpool with working holsters it would have finished the figure off nicely. I also wonder if other head options were ever on the cards, with the differing eye expressions, as that would have really put this figure into another bracket.

As it stands, Deadpool scores 4.5

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