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Review : Lensing Necro, Chronicles of Riddick (SOTA 2014)

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Review : Lensing Necro The Chronicles of Riddick, SOTA Wave/Series : Series 1 (one series only) Released : 2004

Price : N/A

12 years ago Riddick, as played by Vin Diesel, got a follow up to his debut in Pitch Black. The Chronicles of Riddick picked up Riddick's story after his escape in Pitch Black. And like any good Action Movie, a range of figures were released to support the movie.

The figures were about 7 inch in scale, and released by SOTA (State of the Art) Toys. SOTA had been making figures for about 4 years at this point, and would go on to be most famous for their Street Fighter and other Capcom licences.

The Chronicles of Riddick figures were released as a single wave containing 5 figures. There was also a special exclusive release of Riddick in Necro armour with Hellhound.

It has obviously been 12 years since these figures hit shelves, so buying them now is secondary market only and the majority of these now fetch at least double the £20 you would pay for a 7" figure. There are cheaper loose options, which is the route I have gone down, but watch out for missing accessories and some other "issues" which I will discuss over this course of reviews.

In this 4th review we look at the only non-specific character in the series, that of the Lensing Necro.

All the Riddick figures were presented on a plain trapezoid card back, with blister front containing the figure. The front of the card depicts a monolith of the Necromonger on an orange, fiery sky background. The SOTA Toys logo sits in the top left aside the peg cut out. The blister, also Trapezoid in shape, contains the figure - surrounded by the associated accessories. An insert is placed into the front of each blister containing a head shot of the character on top of the Chronicles of Riddick log. Under this is the character name.

Round the back, and all the card backs are identical. The card background continues the Necromonger theme on a fiery orange finish. The films logo sits on top, under which is the statement "Action Figures with 16+ Points of Articulation". Under this is a couple of paragraphs that sets up the plot of the film.

Arranged in a V shape under this are the five key figures, with Riddick himself on the point of the V. The special Hellhound set then sits to one side in the bottom right corner as you look.

The Lensing Necro is the only generic figure in the Riddick range, being based on the general look of the Lensors, the Necromonger "blood hounds" who are used in the movie to hunt the Necromongers prey. It is also the only figure to have revalued over the years, and you will pick one up carded for less than £15 if you shop around (at time of writing).

The Lensing Necro frustratingly carries the sticky paint/plastic issue too, although arguably he isn't the worst and it seems to be restricted at this stage to his lower legs.

The Lensor stands 7 inches tall, identical to all other male figures, and comes with no packed in accessories of any sort. The head sculpt is immense, and the best of the range. It comprises of a very Freddy Krueger-esque skin texture over which is an intricate mask with circular viewing window. The window is done in a clear plastic, and through this you can see the facial detail of the Lensor which is fully sculpted and painted underneath.

Down from the head and the outfit is made up of a dark brown, almost black, jumpsuit. The arms and legs have a "cracked dry earth" type of texture - almost reptilian. There is then a chest piece over the top of this under suit as well as bracers on the forearms and shins.

The outfit, when you look closely, has a number of paint applications with washes to bring out the depth of sculpt and then silver details around the feet and hands to weather and highlight the metal parts. Round the back, where you will find some flexible tubes from the head into the back, there is more metal details with two round ports on the middle and lower back.

The Lensor's head is articulated on a ball - but will only rotate side to side and only as far as the tubes will allow them. The arms are ball jointed, and sadly are rounded so do look a bit unnatural. These will raise out to the side and rotate fully. The bicep swivel has gone on this figure, but the bicep does still rotate just under the rounded ball of the shoulder - a nicer way to add this movement than a flat cut and a pin. Elbows are a single 90 degree joint, and the hands then rotate on a pin.

There is a waist joint, again very high on the body like Kyra, but this time it lines up with the line of the clothing so when rotated (which can be done fully 360 degrees) it doesn't ruin the line or look of the figure.

The hip joints are very loose, and like Vaako, the Lensor will slide into the splits and you will find it difficult to stand. The thigh swivel is still there, but isn't as visible due to the dark colour of the legs. the knees are a single joint and the ankles on rockers. This leg articulation, assuming the hips were tight, does allow the Lensor to be posed like we see them on the film - hunched forward.

The Lensing Necro has some really really good elements - the head alone is the best bit of sculpting and design I have seen on any of the Riddick figures to date, and certainly stands up with any figure sculpt of today. But then there are bizarre choices like the round ball shoulders. The sticky paint is further frustrating as is the inability, straight out of the box, to stand due to wobbly loose hips. Like many of these Riddick figures there is lots of style, but a real lack of quality and I score the Lensing Necro another 2 out of 5 score.

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