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Review : Jon Snow, Game of Thrones (Funko Legacy)

Welcome to our review of the Funko Legacy Jon Snow figure from their short-lived Game of Thrones 6 inch figure line. Jon, as number one, essentially launched the line back in 2014 but the series was plagued by quality control issues and perhaps a lack of appetite from Funko and the releases ceased after just 2 waves.

Packaging 3/5

Jon uses the standard Funko Legacy window box packaging and it is coloured for his house, Stark. It includes a foil numbering system and Jon is actually number #1 in the series. Round the back we get a photo of Jon from the show and down the side a list of other figures from Wave 1 of the Game of Thrones figures.

Jon is accessed via top or bottom flap and slides out in an inner tray which itself sits in a cardboard backing piece. Jon is secured in place with twist ties and his sword Longclaw by tape.

The boxes do suffer from shelf wear very easily with a lot of areas to scuff and the gloss and foil sections easy to scratch.

Sculpt & Paint 2/5

The head is not a great likeness to Jon Snow, it actually looks like an older actor with very little detail on the face other than some eyebrows eyes and a beard that looks a touch like mud rather than facial hair.

While the head isn't great, the outfit is very well done and captures the layers and textures of a Nights Watch uniform. From the cloak hangs a furred section with some paint apps to vary it from grey to brown to black. The cloak then splays out from this and is textured and painted with weathering from mud and snow. The same is applied to the other garments, and there is good detailing on the clasps and buckles which are all picked out in silver. Jon carries a sheath from his belt for Longclaw and this is painted in a lighter brown.

Accessories 4/5

The sole accessory for Jon is Longclaw. This is cast in quite a hard and brittle plastic and this gives it a lot of detail including the scroll work down the blade and the wolf head hilt. The blade is painted in a single silver colour and may have been better served with a wash to further bring out the scroll work detail. The grip is black and the wolf head a white colouring.

The blade fits in either hand and when not in use will slide into the sheath. Be careful however as the sheath is quite tight and you can get paint rub on your sword.

Articulation 3/5

Jon sports 14 points of articulation starting with a ball joined head and another in the chest. The arms are articulated at the shoulder with a ball joint and there is then a single rotating elbow joint and wrist pivot. The single elbow joint does mean any two handed poses with Longclaw are not possible and this is a shame considering Jon's fighting pose.

The legs are ball jointed at the hip and also rotate at the same joint, doing away the need for a thigh swivel. The knees are double jointed - although the way these can then be posed is dictated by the cloak and skirts. The ankles are the final joints with rockers to aid posing. These are quite loose and with a big heavy cloak Jon can be difficult to stand.

While there are no obvious faults on my figure, the Funko Legacy figures in wave 1 in particular were prone to breaking at the joints so be careful when posing.


Jon is a good looking figure if you can see past that head sculpt. He is on par with the other Legacy Game of Thrones figures and looks great posed in a group. The Longclaw accessory is well executed and looks the part, and articulation is pretty good if you can forgive the ability to hold said sword in both hands

I score Jon Snow a just above average 3/5

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