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Review : Daenerys Targaryen (series 1) Funko Legacy

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Daenerys Targaryen is the 5th figure from the first series of Funko's Game of Thrones Legacy figures.

She arrives packed in a very striking red box to represent her house, the Targaryen's, and the box is adorned with the house crest on the front lower left panel as well as down the full left hand side. On the reverse there is a full length picture of Daenerys from the show alongside details of the other 5 figures in series 1.

Once unpacked Daenerys stands at 5 1/4" high so is therefore the diminutive build as seen in the show and therefore perfectly scaled to the other characters in the range.

The sculpt is done by Gentle Giant and is a fantastic piece of work. The figure is a decent resemblance to Emelia Clarke, and her intricate hair has been sculpted around this head sculpt in a flexible plastic and looks brilliant with a number of plaits and ties at the rear.

Her outfit, that of series 1 of the show during her time with the Dothraki Horde, is nicely done with a leather tunic on her upper torso, that then flows down into a flexible rubber skirt and beneath this some leggings and down to a pair of riding boots. Her arms are bare skin, but with a pair of finger-less gloves sculpted into the hands.

Sadly, and like so many GoT figures, the paint applications are not consistent and in areas they spoilt the wonderful sculpt. The hair is the first issue, as it has been given a blonde base colour - which is fine - but then lazily washed with a much darker brown. This kind of works from a distance, but up close looks like her hair is muddy. The face itself is neatly done, the lips in particular are really nice considering the usual temptation is to go with a gloss red colour for the female characters.

In comparison the clothing is really well done and has a real look of distressed leather achieved with some subtle colour washes and dry brushing. The exposed skin is one tone, but that is fine, but there are some bleeding of the skin colour onto the gloves and the strap of the tunic - not much - but it is there.

Articulation is always a risky one to check out on Funko figures, and like so many before it I had a hand pop off as soon as it came out of the box. The head is restricted slightly by her hair, but by making the hair flexible plastic it is possible to rotate the head fully and with it sat on a ball joint there is movement both up and down to a degree. With no clothing to restrict them the shoulders have a full range of movement and there is a standard 90 degree elbow joint and a rotating wrist.

The torso has a ball joint, neatly hidden under the bottom flap of the tunic, and this allows the figure to rotate at the chest and also lean forward and backwards. The legs have a full range of movement, although they are blocked in slightly by the flexible skirt. With double jointed knees you can kneel the figure and the feet are on a swivel joint to allow her to stand reasonably well. There is no peg holes again (poor show Funko) so even with this leg movement you will likely have her standing neutrally on your display.

Daenerys comes with one accessory, that of a baby dragon. Although there are no instructions, it isn't hard to figure out that the peg holes on the dragon's feet line up to two holes on the figures right shoulder. It is a very tight fit but after some faffing you can get the Dragon seated neatly, and you then see that its wings have been sculpted to fit around Daenerys head and the dragon's tail flows nicely down her back. The Dragon has zero articulation, but is a nice touch, although I think if Funko had thrown in all 3 dragons and perhaps an egg or two, it would have been better received by fans.

All in all Daenerys is a superb figure, with a really good sculpt only let down by the ongoing Jekyll and Hyde paint applications. Not quite enough for a 5 out of 5 at the £15-£20 price point that this sits, but a solid 4 out of 4 and looks great on display

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