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Review : Constable Zuvio, The Force Awakens (2015) Star Wars Black Series

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Like the Guavian Enforcer, Constable Zuvio is an unknown character ahead of the Force Awakens release in December 2015. The only info we have about him is taken from the blurb on the back of his wave 2 box, where he is numbered as #098 in the TFA 6" range and is quoted to be "a vigilant law officer"

Zuvio is a relatively short figure at just 5 1/4" high, yet like the Guavian before him - he is a pleasantly surprising figure in how well he has been executed. Zuvio's head is obviously something new, he is not an Alien we have seen before in any of the other movies - that we know of. The majority of Zuvio's head is wrapped in bandages, and these are nicely sculpted and painted in a mix of green and beige paint that gives them a worn and stained appearance. Zuvio has piercing yellow eyes that shine out from behind the bandages and his skin tone is pinkish and again picked out well with a nice combination of an almost peach base coat with pinker highlights. The hat is interesting, as there is more to it than it looks when you see Zuvio in the box. Spin the figure round and there are some mechanical components at the rear of the hat with some wiring and controls that then come round to two large components that could be described as over-sized bluetooth ear pieces? The hat has been sculpted with a pitted texture and then like the rest of the head has been nicely distressed. It has initially been painted in a red and green contrasting paint job but is then heavily dry brushed with a silver paint to indicate wearing of the paint at the edges and across some of the pitted areas.

The Red/Green theme continues down into a shoulder piece that covers both shoulders and around the neck area. Fans are already grasping at straws that the Red & Green scheme used is reminiscent of Boba Fett, but I expect this is pure coincidence. The remainder of the body is essentially a smock which flows down from the shoulder armour and hangs down to Zuvio's knees. The outfit itself is sculpted with a cloth texture and is also dirtied up, particularly towards the bottom area near the knees.

Either arm ends in a red bracer, again heavily scratched and weathered, and a pair of grey gloves. Trousers are sculpted under the smock and are a paler beige than the outfit and could be a little too clean compared to the weathering on the rest of the figure. Zuvio is finished off with a pair of wrapped boots, using the same bandage design and paint job we found on his head. The overall paint job is only spoiled with a minor bleed of the shoulder armour onto the smock, but in the main its really impressive and shows what Hasbro could have done with Rey to weather her a bit better.

Zuvio is provided in the box with a large back pack which is painted in silver and then dirtied up. In stead of just plugging into the slot on the rear body, there are also 3 other slots around the back where the straps fit, making the backpack look much more realistic as you can see the straps disappearing under the tunic area.

Zuvio's weapon is some form of Force Pike, it looks a little like the ones that the Weequay guards used in Return of the Jedi. This pike is well painted with a silver blade, a couple of shades of brown, a gun metal segment and a black strap. The pike fits neatly into either hand, and due to the arm articulation can be held in two hands in a offensive stance of sorts.

Articulation starts with a ball jointed head, and Zuvio can look to both sides (he can rotate his head fully if you feel the need) and has some up and down movement. The Arms are on ball joints that withdraw under the armour, so they are not restricted and allow Zuvio to get his arms out to near enough 90 degrees to the body and they can then swivel. The elbows are again the joint with swivel we have seen on all TFA figures so far and there is a further joint in the wrist, but this is rendered fairly ineffective due to the bracers. There is leg articulation at the hips but you won't really use this as the lower half of the smock restricts all movement at the hip. The knees are double jointed and there is then a pivot in the ankle.

Zuvio is as good as they have come so far, there isn't really anything you can fault him on as an Action Figure at the £20 price point - in fact the only gripe through the whole review was a sliver of paint bleed. I am going to award him a 5 out of 5 score.


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