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Review : Captain America, STRIKE Suit - Captain America, The Winter Soldier (Diamond Select)

When Winter Soldier was released in 2014 many Marvel Select fans looked forward to an updated Captain America for their Avengers display - me included. Diamond went down a different route and released him in the all blue stealth suit that Cap sported in the opening segment of the film.

There are two versions of this. The first is the standard release, which included a masked Captain and a standard painted shield. This is not 100% accurate as Cap used a blue & silver shield in the sequences where we wore the stealth suit. The second release was a Disney Store exclusive and included an unmasked Steve Rogers head, some "damage" to the suit and a damaged shield. The standard version is the easier of the two to find, but I was lucky enough to pickup the exclusive version. This review and the associated picture gallery are for the exclusive version. For anyone shopping for this figure then as with the first Captain America Movie Figure, there does appear to be knock off versions of this circulating in the Far East Cap comes in the standard Select Box with beautiful artwork on the side and a write up of the figure on the reverse Once cracked out of the box you will have the main figure, the alternative head, a shield and a large backdrop piece. The figure itself is really well done and is has been much improved on the First Avenger release. The sculpt is well done, with a lot more detail on the suit than shows up in images. Cap's face under the hood is much crisper. The alternative head never looked great to me in images, but up close it is much better than it looks - although is still not a brilliant likeness for Chris Evans, and I have no idea where that hair style came from. The shield is just a rehash of the original shield, but fits easier over the arms. The belt is nicely done and is loose on the figure so it slides up and down - still not sure what this is needed Painting is well done throughout. Yes it's all a dark blue, but within that are darker areas painted in and even some red down the sides. On the exclusive version there is some nice but subtle weathering added and there are very small scratches detailed into the chest.. The silver is crisp on the chest with no visible bleed into the surrounding clothing. The head and eyes are cleanly painted with very minor flesh colour bleed onto one side on the hood straps on my figure. The Shield is painted really well, it is very difficult to get a naturally distressed look, but they have achieved this. The best points on the figure are the articulation, which has come a long way in the 3years since the First Avenger Cap. The elbows and knees are much more natural yet still allow for a decent range of movement. Ankle rockers have also been added which makes standing Cap much better. The head is on a ball joint, so allows the head to look up and down as well as side to side. The head pops off to swap, its not the easiest to get off so I would consider warming it up slightly when swapping heads to reduce risk of any damage. The base piece supplied is the same as the piece that comes with Falcon, and is nicely detailed to depict a wall of the Shield Helicarriers, even including a SHIELD logo sculpted into the floor. It is painted a flat silver. This one works much better with Cap as a display piece where as on Falcon it looked a bit odd if you displayed Falcon on the stand with his wings in place. With the improved articulation, the nice paint job and the ankle rockers I give this Captain a 4 out of 5, overall DST were a bit lazy with not giving him the right shield and the Chris Evans head isn't a knock out. This is still not the definitive Cap, but is a good stand in and I just hope that DST will come good with a true Avengers Red, White and Blue version next year as part of Civil War