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Review : Arrow (Season 3), Arrow #10, DC Collectibles 2016

Welcome to our review of the Season 3 Arrow figure from DC Collectibles. This new version of Oliver Queen was released in 2016 and is the 10th Arrow figure in the DC Collectibles 6.75 inch series of figures. Alongside Arrow in this wave of releases was the unmasked Dark Archer, Malcolm Merlyn and the Black Canary. Visit our DC Collectible Archive for more figure reviews...

Packaging 3/5

The DC Collectible is a plain white window box with the window angling round the right side of the box. The character name is printed on the window in white text - in this case it is simply "Arrow"

At the base of the box is the Arrow TV logo and a green stripe that contains the various warnings and logos. The green section extends round the left side where we get an image of the figure, posed as though firing his bow. The CW DC figures have a numbering system by show, and this Season 3 Arrow is number 10 in the Arrow releases to date .This number is presented in an arrow head shape.

Round the back the white colouring continues, although across the middle is a cityscape in front of which are images of the three figures in this wave - Arrow, Malcolm Merlyn and Black Canary. There are no bio or background text for the character.

The box opens from the side and the figure slides out within a backing tray and the cardboard backdrop which also carries the cityscape image. the figure is held in place by twisty-ties which are very stiff and have a habit of rubbing the paint. The accessories are taped in place, and again there is an issue with the tape lifting paint off the accessories when removed - our advice is to take your time when getting Arrow out of the box.

Sculpt & Paint 2/5

Out of the box and there is an immediately obvious issue with this figure in the build and shape. It is far too skinny and poorly proportioned to be based on actor Stephen Amell. In stead this looks like an animated style comic book figure which makes it stand our against any other Arrow or DC CW figures.

The face, although hidden behind the hood and mask, does carry a passing likeness to Amell - but again is too slim. The paint apps are neat here with very nice piercing blue eyes and good detailing of the stubble and beard.

The body is as we say too slim particularly around the waist section. It is made up of varying green shades when you look closely with some neat detail on the panels and straps. It suffers though from a lack of realistic clothing folds and ceases - making it appear skin tight and more akin to a illustrated comic book character.

Thankfully there is no obvious paint issues as has been seen on other figures. The paint is not chalky and there is no sign of flaking around the joints.

Articulation 2/5

DC Collectibles are not famed for a wide range of articulation on their figures, but Arrow is worst than most with 14 points of articulation. The head is on a ball joint and does turn under the hood - but past a certain point this looks odd as the hood does not turn with the head. There is a chest pivot which has a decent range to twist to either side and a touch of forward and backwards lean.

Arms are ball jointed shoulders, but these don't quite come out to a 90 degree angle, similarly the single jointed rotating elbows don't quite bend to a right angle. This makes posing with the bow very difficult as we will see shortly.

The legs are equally as restricted with a T-Joint hip that barely moves at all. You have no chance of posing anything other than a slightly wider stance with these joints. And yet the knees are double jointed which is a very odd choice with such a restrictive his. I'd have prefered single jointed or even fixed legs and spend the money on better arm joints to support the posing with the bow. The legs end with ankle rockers. These are little loose, but Arrow stands OK. He is a hefty figure and I suspect these ankles may be problematic after some time on display.

Accessories 4/5

Arrow comes with his bow and a selection of three single arrows. Starting with the arrows these are cast in a very hard plastic. This makes them very straight and crisp, but it gives them not a lot of bend and they will break easily. Each arrows is different, which is a neat touch, including a standard arrow, a flammable arrow and a third that seems to be a bit of both. The flights are painted with yellow and green alternating colours. When not in use the arrows are designed to slot into the quiver on the reverse of the figure. Sadly the quiver carries on the theme of being too slim and only two of the three arrows will fit at any one time.

The bow is very impressive, cast again in a harder plastic with clear definition of the various gear and pivots that make up this type of bow. The colour scheme is black and green. It even sports a real thread for the string which has some elasticity for firing poses.

This good work on the accessories is applauded, but means nothing when the articulation fails to support the accessories. Any firing pose you do get out of the figure is stiff and forced and while the bow may be outstretched, the second arm cant get the arrow into the firing position. Oh for a set of double jointed elbows and a better shoulder.


This is the fourth Oliver Queen figure in the DC Collectible line after the Island Oliver Queen, the original Arrow figure and the 2-pack version (with Flash). While this may be the newest it is still the poor relation to these earlier figures in both looks and articulation. Everything about the proportions is wrong and doesnt fit with any of the previous well proportioned Arrow or Flash releases. The articulation is also lacking, giving you an archer who can't pose firing his bow.

The plus side to the figure is the well designed and executed accessories.

I score the Season 3 Arrow from DC Collectibles a below average 2/5

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