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Custom : Ronan the Accuser, Guardians of the Galaxy, Diamond Select 1/10 Scale

Marvel Cinematic Universe Ronan the Accuser

Marvel Select 7" scale


  • WWE Create-a-Superstar Undertaker Set

  • WWE Create-a-Superstar Shaemus Set

  • WWE Create-a-Superstar Rocker Set

  • Hasbro 5" Ronan Figure

  • Gotham Select Jim Gordon

  • NECA Kick Ass Colonel Stars & Stripes

Paints - Revell Aquacolor / Tamiya

Diamond Select made no figures in 7" scale for the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and while Hasbro did a comprehensive set of releases for the main team - the villain of the piece only made it as far as a small 5" novelty action figure. With new 7" Guardians figures due in from Diamond for the sequel I wanted to have a stab at bringing Ronan the Accuser to 7" scale.

The first challenge was the parts - which ended up coming from six different action figure releases. For the torso and legs I took the piece from the WWE create-a-superstar Sheamus. The boots came from the WWE C-A-W rocker set. And the majority of the cloak parts were from the Undertaker set. I used arms from the WWE Roman Reigns Special Ops set that were left over from my Vulture. The shoulder armour was taken off a knock off Iron-Man Mk6.

The head was a spare Jim Gordon figure from Diamond - and this turned into a decent match once painted as a Kree. The hood was from a NECA Kick Ass Colonel Stars & Stripes. And finally the Universal weapon and the front skirt came from the aforementioned 5" action figure.

With a variety of parts and from different manufacturors it was a case of some kit bashing to get the main parts to come together. WHile the WWE parts are designed to slot together, the head needed some tweaking to fit the neck peg. The head also had to have the skull cap sculpted. Below you see the test with blu-tac, it was later added in greenstuff putty.

The hood was trimmed to slot over the shoulders and the Undertaker cloak was carved up quite considerably to create some detail around the chest and to them become a skirt. The trails from the 5" figure were cut off to provide a front sash, and this was later tidied up by adding a belt from a left over part from a Hawkeye figure (Chinese knock off).

The shoulder armour pieces had to be heated and slightly reshaped to go over the arm. They had to be set back slightly to keep the arm movement.

The Universal weapon was made from the head of the one that comes on the 5" figure. This pops open with a bit of heat to release it from the shaft. I had to fill in the void left by the dodgy flame effect with some more green stuff. The shaft was found in a Poundshop and was originally on a fairy wand of all things (don't tell Ronan). This had to be sanded so it could take the black undercoat then the metallic washes.

The body of Ronan was also painted a black undercoat. And then I added some washes of black which was gradually mixed with silver to create that metallic sheen of his armour.

The skin tones was mixed by adding blue to flesh tone and painting onto the Gordon head and hands. The black warpaint was added, trying to keep the brush strokes and rough edges.

The final paint decor was the rough red cross on his chest.

While no where close to being screen accurate, this Ronan does tick off some key components of the costume from Guardians. My only niggle is the hood which is a little wide and might be something I come back to at a later stage.

Ronan scales well with other Select 7" figures. See him hanging with Doctor Strange below. And wait, who is that he is with - could that be another Guardians figure on the way?


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