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Custom Figure : Marvel Cinematic Universe "inspired" Daredevil

Marvel Cinematic Universe "inspired" Daredevil

Marvel Select 7" scale


  • WWE Create-A-Wrestler, Roman Reigns Special Forces (body)

  • Kent32 cast head

  • NECA Kick Ass 2 (batons and holster)

Paints - Revell Aquacolor

  • Purple Red 331 matt (costume)

  • Carmine Red 36 matt (eyes)

  • Anthacite 09 matt (costume)

  • Black 08 matt (highlights)

  • Flesh 35 matt (head)

  • Dark Earth 82 matt (base color for stubble and hair)

I am not a prolific customiser by any stretch of the imagination, nor a particularly good one. I certainly can't sculpt, but I can paint relatively neatly and I can also spot a good opportunity / recipe for a custom figure.

I've loved the look of the new scarlet MCU Daredevil suit from Netflix since its debut at the end of season 1, and as a Marvel Select collector I was urging Diamond to give us a 7 inch scale Daredevil to sit alongside the other great MCU figures - but so far nothing is on the cards.

I was then pointed in the direction of Mattel's WWE Create-a-Wrestler figures, which are 7" scale, for another custom. I noticed that the Roman Reigns Special Forces pack bore more than a passing resemblance to the Daredevil suit and the project kicked off from there.

The head sculpt does not yet exist for a Netflix Daredevil, but the very talented KentThirtyTwo does have a Ben Affleck Daredevil 7 inch scale head - so this was ordered and shipped in from the US to use - you could just as easily use the comic Daredevil head from Diamond Select.

After assembling the parts needed and deciding to use the standard arms from the WWE figure and not the metal ones, it was all down to painting. The whole figure can be disassembled intentionally making painting easy, and so the figure was given an undercoat of black and then the panels picked out in a deep red and a charcoal grey. I used an image I found online for the paint job. I think it is a custom design sheet and is credited to a Troy McKie - I have included it in the gallery below.

Once painted and re-assembled the head was attached and painted up also - this is not perfect as the stubble was difficult but it passes at the scale.

Finally I needed the weaponry and the thigh holster, and these came from a NECA Kick Ass figure (don't use the Mezco version as the sticks are too small). The back holster from the NECA figure pushes off after applying some heat - and once you cut down the pegs this was glued onto the thigh and then a spare rubber strap (I think it was originally off a Dr Who figure) was put in place.

So there he is. Certainly NOT anywhere close to accurate (but neither was Yellowjacket, Wolverine and Nick Fury) but I prefer the look to that of the comic Daredevil.

He is currently sitting as part of Team Cap as I can't see Matt Murdock signing up to the Sokovia Accords, perhaps he will even represent Steve Rogers to fight them. This Daredevil also works really well with the scenery packed with the recent Gotham Select Bullock figure, and if you have it - throw in the Dumpster from Origins Wolverine too.


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