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Batman 4-inch Batcycle, Batman and Clayface Creature Chaos Set by Spin Master

The new Spin Master DC product are starting to land at retail, including this Batcycle Set which is in stock at The Entertainer. The new Spin Master licence is a more kid friendly line and focuses on pocket-money pricing and play features - while the new McFarlane 7-inch line will service collectors.

To that end I am handing over this review to my 10-year old son who purchased the Batcycle set and asked to review it fully. He has done the photo's and the wording, I just helped him put the images into order. Enjoy...


hello and may I welcome you to my review so let's get started.....



Batman details

The Batman figure that comes in this set is pretty cool. With his main colour being dark fern green. His secondary color being black on his arms, legs, belt and faceplate. His eyes are white much like the comics. The details on the armor are nothing short of spectacular, to the armor plating or the bolts in the metal. The final detail is the symbol associated with Batman. The bat symbol is white and really stands out in the dark fern green torso.

Batman articulation

The figures articulation is pretty neat. With 11 points of articulation. The points are the shoulders, head, arms, thighs and knees. In the long run he is very poseable .

Batman also comes with a pair of clawed hand accessories. These are quite big and slot into Batman's hands.

Batman flaws

There is only one flaw with this figure the figures cape is a bit loose on the connection point but other than that this figure is an excellent addition to the set.



Clayface details

The Clayface (to me) is the star of the pack with it been pretty darn awesome. The figures main colour is muddy brown but the torso is a bit lighter, a more of a dog's dropping colour. The ripples on the figure are pretty good detailing making it look like runny brown clay. Other details are the spikey ball hand. Although the hand with the spikey ball could have been swappable, it is a bonus detail. The eyes are amber yellow and his teeth are white with a yellow tinge. The spikes on the left forearm are a good detail too.

Clayface articulation

The articulation on Clayface is a bit disappointing with only 4 points of articulation but he is decently poseable. The points of articulation are the head, arms and hips.

Clayface flaws

The only flaws are the torso colour change and the lack of articulation. Other than that the figure is amazing.


The bike

The bike details

The details on the bike are amazing, just like the batman figure. Also like the batman figure the colours are dark fern green and black. Unlike Batman there is no white, instead the colour relacing white is metallic grey. There are so many beautiful details on the bike so here are a few: The bolts on the wheel guard, the piping and the springs that look like the suspension. Even more details include the Bat symbols, the Bat face on the front.

Bike flaws

There are very little flaws on the bike like the rest of the set. The major flaw is bat face on the front looks like catwoman's bike from the comics. The other flaw is that Batman extremely hard to pose on the bike and so doesn't look when he is going.



I would recommend this set to any Batman fan, kids or collectors. I would rate this set 4 stars.

You can buy the set now at The Entertainer for £18

(paid link)

Thanks for reading, goodbye!

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