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Cygor 'Patina Edition'



Year of Release


Type of Release

Boxed, Exclusive, Megafig

Series or Wave

Gold Label McFarlane Store

Source Material


Cygor 'Patina Edition'
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Cygor 'Patina Edition'
Cygor 'Patina Edition'

Michael Konieczni was Al Simmons' friend and squad mate. When he discovered the truth about Al's murder, he attempted to blow the whistle on Jason Wynn. However, he was stopped and subjected to project Sim, the Simian experiments of Frederick Willheim and became the beast known as Cygor, short for Cybernetic Gorilla.

  • Cygor is featured with patina paint in an exclusive designer box.

  • Megafigs are large figures to match their 7" scale figure counterparts.

  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play.

  • Cygor includes base, art card and art card stand.

  • Included collectible art card with character art on the front and certificate of authenticity on the back.

  • Collect all McFarlane Toys Spawn figures.

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