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Batman of Earth-22 Infected 'Knightmare Edition'


DC Multiverse

Year of Release


Type of Release

Boxed, Exclusive

Series or Wave

Gold Label McFarlane Store

Source Material

DC Multiverse, Dark Metal

Batman of Earth-22 Infected 'Knightmare Edition'
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Batman of Earth-22 Infected 'Knightmare Edition'
Batman of Earth-22 Infected 'Knightmare Edition'

Introducing the Batman of Earth -22, corrupted by the malevolent influence of The Joker's nanotoxins, transforming into the nightmarish entity known as The Batman Who Laughs! From the depths of the Dark Multiverse to the forefront of chaos and despair, this incredibly detailed 7" scale figure from the DC MULTIVERSE by McFarlane Toys captures the essence of this twisted incarnation of the Dark Knight like never before. Witness the fusion of Batman's perfect mind with the warped psyche of The Joker, resulting in a being driven by ultra-violence, chaos, and utter darkness. With his black & gold deco, The Batman of Earth -22 INFECTED strikes fear into the hearts of heroes and villains alike.

  • Crafted with Ultra Articulation and featuring up to 22 moving parts, this figure offers a full range of posing possibilities, allowing you to recreate epic battles and diabolical schemes from across the multiverse.

  • Accessories abound with a Batarang, figure base, authenticated art card, and an art card display base, inviting you to delve deeper into The Batman Who Laughs' dark realm.

  • Join the ranks of collectors and enthusiasts alike and confront the darkness with The Batman of Earth -22 by McFarlane Toys.

  • McFarlane Toys Store Gold Label Exclusive!

  • Expand your universe, embrace the shadows, and collect all McFARLANE TOYS DC MULTIVERSE figures today!

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