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General, Page Punchers Wave 3

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DC Multiverse

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From the depths of DC Comics comes Aqualad! The Aquaman Page Punchers Wave 3 7-Inch Scale Aqualad Action Figure features up to 22 points of articulation for maximum posing and play. The detailed 7-inch scale Aqualad action figure includes 2x water swords and a figure base. Along with an exclusive comic, a collectible card with artwork on the front and a character biography on the back is included! The figure and comic pack come packaged in a window box. Don't miss this epic Aquaman Page Punchers Wave 3 Aqualad 7-Inch Scale Action Figure with Comic Book!

A natural born leader and level-headed team player, Kaldur'ahm is an Atlantean/human hybrid who possesses the power to control and form water into solid constructs. Much like his mentor Aquaman, Kaldur was raised not knowing who his real parents were - something that, it turns out, may have been for the better, considering his biological father is Black Manta, Arthur's sworn enemy. Pulled between not only the worlds of land and sea, but between those of good and evil itself, Kaldur, or Jackson Hyde as he's known by his adoptive human parents, has striven to make sure his legacy does not define him.

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